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  1. Met ya at corp, Pumped to have another corper in the clan welcome!
  2. I feel the need to apologize, on Friday night and sat Moring I was losing my shit in clan chat and taking anger at my own life out on other people. Everybody has always been really chill for to me and didn't deserve any of that. especially @WG Snorlax. it doesn't make it right but some perspective so you understand the overreaction. I am in a position where due to personal circumstances I'm forced to work a job that I hate to the point of making me sick, and on that particular day I was forced to stay late due to a co worker not showing up. once i get home I'm already pissed off at this point and see that i was 20min late to the drop the would have made my account. I could have got the gear and skills necessary to come on pvp trips and start to learn Cox. and with this missed opportunity I lost my shit. then was so mad I didn't sleep and in the morning sleep deprived I chose to pick the same fight I had already lost/was a better sport about the night before. After Being contacted by staff I chose to leave as I was still angry, after calming down and getting some sleep I regret doing so as this game is no fun without homies to play with. I am extremally sorry for contributing to a negative attitude within the clan. if you guys would Have me back I will ensure nothing along these line will happen again - Thanks for your time, you can reach me on discord or in game "Noctadex"
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