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  1. Hi, welcome to our forums! How are you liking morality?
  2. Nice... so, tell us about yourself
  3. Welcome! Good to have you join us, great to have another aussie pker
  4. We see you out here pkin'! hope to see you with us soon
  5. Welcome to the forums Aaron the aussie! (And welcome to USA soon) Nice app. Excited to have a pker with some calling experience joining us. Your stats are still quite low for mains pking, but I’d bet you’ll get those up in no time. In the mean time, I’m looking forward to seeing you around… enjoy nmz!
  6. Affect

    [Accepted] Wg nap

    Yo! welcome back nap. welcome to the pc master race
  7. Affect

    [Declined] Tammy

    Hi and welcome! No offense Arcane… but you’re mom is kicking your ass! 2216 total level, thats nuts.
  8. Welcome! Good to have another Ctrl around. Don't forget to !review in the osrs-app-review channel in discord.
  9. Affect

    [Accepted] MYL

    Welcome! Were you streamer hunting too?
  10. Hi Rayland! Glad to see you figured out how to get an app in. Welcome, and I'm looking forward to having you around.
  11. Glad to see you apply. Welcome!
  12. Welcome, glad to see you post! Would like to know a bit more about you, but it's always great to see more pkers interested in joining. Where in the US are you?
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