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  1. Welcome mate! Hope you're gonna have a great time
  2. Semb

    Semb's G&A & droplog

    New to raids as I finally reached stats which are required to do raids. 3rd KC – Ancestral Robe Bottom.
  3. Welcome back mate! We're glad you like it in here
  4. Semb

    Semb's G&A & droplog

    Ooooooh Yeeeeheeesss. Another Sigil added 4-way Arcane with @MinusMilitia, Leidschendam and Triologic
  5. Semb

    [Accepted] 800 ping

    Welcome mate! Hope you don't have to go back to 1200 Ping haha.
  6. Semb

    [Accepted] Rompant

    Welcome mate! Nice app as well
  7. Semb

    Semb's G&A & droplog

    Even though I didn't get to play too much. I still managed to be able to enjoy some Leagues content. I hoped to get more progress but this is what it is I guess.
  8. Nice! A warm welcome from me, good to have you.
  9. Ahh. A fellow dutchie! And in Amsterdam too I see! Welcome and have fun
  10. Semb

    Semb's G&A & droplog

    Barrows run I did before my holidays – Could've been worse, hehe, Also keen on updating my goals pretty soon!
  11. Semb

    [Declined] Ascout

    Welcome mate! Goodluck with your app
  12. Welcome mate! Goodluck with your app
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