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  1. Semb

    Semb's G&A & droplog

    Barrows run I did before my holidays – Could've been worse, hehe, Also keen on updating my goals pretty soon!
  2. Semb

    [Declined] Ascout

    Welcome mate! Goodluck with your app
  3. Welcome mate! Goodluck with your app
  4. Semb

    [Accepted] waallace

    Welcome back mate !
  5. Welcome mate! Goodluck with your app!
  6. Semb

    Semb's G&A & droplog

    A little bit late with the update A couple days after the Arcane split (see post above), I hosted a corp trip where @Likkle Yute, @MinusMilitia and @Radar showed up. We camped corp for quite a long time. After we got the Spectral we we're so stoked to get another sigil, so we've done another couple of hours of corp. Really nice trip, lots of fun thanks to the spirit of the team. So thanks guys!
  7. Semb

    Semb's G&A & droplog

    Finally the luck was upon us! I was corping with 3 IRL mates including @MinusMilitia, @richardnlftw, and after a couple hours of continuous killing, one of my friends decided to go to sleep. We wanted to continue but our world was taken in the 5 minutes that we were taking a break.. After we hoppen (to 327) we were getting crashed the 2nd kill (by Nastybonghit), and our highest DPS'er died. That kill, somehow my friend managed to maintain the kill, even though his level is lower and the crasher was in full crash gear. We got the Arcane Sigil that kill and I cried my eyes out of laughter.
  8. Semb

    [Accepted] Semb

    @Mojo Cheers mate Good to be back @Augustane Thanks! Likewise, let's get that sigil together @AlthorX Thanks for the support mate! I'll happily do it many times to come. @RNGeezusPLS Thanks! Appreciate the support Thanks all
  9. Semb

    [Accepted] Semb

    @Corbula Cheers mate, I'm glad to be back! @Smokedjs Thanks a lot! Much appreciated @Lillefigo Thanks! Likewise. My name on chess.com is: Semby I remember we once did a chess tournament with WG haha. That was good fun.
  10. Semb

    [Accepted] Semb

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Semb What is your current RS name? Semb List any previous RS names: Flairs Semblance Semby Georqe What is your total level and combat level? My total level is: 1183 My combat level is: 96 Still a big noob on osrs, but I'll get there So far the clan has been a great help to get back on track. I have played quite some RS overal. And hopefully my OSRS account will get just as decent as my RS3 account.
  11. Ohhhyeeeess mate. Looking forward to have you in here!
  12. Did a run of 35 chests Total loot (Deathrunes are not accurate since I was using slayer dart)
  13. Semb

    Semb's G&A & droplog

    Inspired by @Queen Cersei's barrows challenge I decided to tag along with the event and do a run. Ended up doing 35 chests. Total loot (using slayer dart so I've gotten way more death runes which I couldn't track)
  14. W E L C O M E T O M Y G & A A N D D R O P L O G Intro To give more insights of what my goals and accomplishments are on RS, I've decided to start a log where I can keep track for both you and myself. When I joined WG my account had a total level of: 964 and only a few quests completed. This was all before the grand exchange was implemented into OSRS. I like to challenge myself in PvM and hopefully I'll get decent stats to team up with everyone more often. I also realise I need to do small steps at a time to be able to achieve the bigger picture. Most
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