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  1. Taylor here. already said in my app but hey free post count
  2. Z E W

    [Accepted] MYL

    Very nice app! hope to see you at some pk trips!
  3. Few combat levels and you'll be rolling out with the boys. Good luck man!
  4. Z E W

    [Accepted] Z e w

    Will be doing my cox kc is pretty low and 75% of it is solo'd excited to get going with teams! Done and done! have to say watching the clan chat has me even more excited to get approved and in. Thanks everyone else for the continued friendly welcomes.
  5. Z E W

    [Accepted] Z e w

    Looking forward to tb slaving for a while!
  6. Z E W

    [Accepted] Z e w

    Thank you both, hope to be around a while
  7. Z E W

    [Accepted] Z e w

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Z e w What is your current RS name? Z e w List any previous RS names: Zewka NvR Prple What is your total level and combat level? Total level: 2079 Combat: 126 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I have been playing RS since 2003 off and on (mostly on) and osrs since launch with a 3 year break. My account was originally a mid lvl pk account I got burnt out after grinding 99 str and 94 mage in the early months of release and wasnt enjoying pking so I quit. I still watched youtube and started watching b0atys one man army series, eventually I was motivated to start playing again and transition my account into a proper main, something i had done towards the end of rs2 and eoc days on my previous account and had enjoyed. My name is a reference to my second rs account Zewka which i got out of hitting the keyboard and adjusting some letters, Zew is just the shortened version most use. Tell us about your clan history. Early days I bounced around some teams/clans like DIW and Pixel Banditas, led a small team with some friends named Brew Crew for a bit. BH/Volcano era I joined shadow elves and really enjoyed it but young me made an over zealous mistake involving a friend turned spy that had also hacked a fellow clanmate where I thought i was doing the right thing but made decisions myself instead of involving clan leadership and was removed from SE. I spent the rest of my rs2/3 days just pking with friends and changing our hashtag to what we felt that day like #katyperry and such. On Osrs launch I joined RO it didn't last long and the clan died within months of launch. Recently I tried some osrs forum pvm clans including PVM Force and Ace academy. Tell us about your yourself. My names Taylor I'm 31 years old, married with a 12 yr old son. I'm from texas in the US. I have a degree in CS and am currently between jobs taking a break after working at IBM for a while and kind of burnt out from the hours. My hobbies are limited these days with family life but the things i make time for are OsRs, Fishing, and American college football. The main thing I like these days is just relaxing with my family. How did you hear about us? Either RSC or warring way back in the day. What makes you want to join us? Multiple things, firstly I'm looking for a large community experience with clan events, pvming, and warring. My mentality on gaming has changed a lot as well over the years as my son is grown and started gaming. I always try and set the best example I can and I know Wilderness Guardians is the best clan to do that, in that same vein I got tired of pk teams back in the day because of the need to disguise my IP and issues with DDOSing and selling IPs I know with Wilderness Guardians that wont ever be an issue since WG has never gotten involved in that type of schadenfreude. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: My account has a single strike for macro from first months of release for using an auto clicker to alch like an idiot
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