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  1. Good idea, Sniff. Every day may be hard to maintain, but good luck regardless!
  2. Died to moss giants when I first got members and lost 60k and a tooth half of a key. Almost cried.
  3. It seems so strange to post that you use Manual Transmission... In the UK, that's the normal! Being able to count the amount of drinks that you had had over two years is impressive, good on you!
  4. Civil Engineering should be fun, Brandon! Hopefully you will still have some time to play
  5. Work part-time, living the dream! Hi Icey, 22, Leeds!
  6. I believe I need to be updated to Supreme Overlord please. Thanks.
  7. (Soccer) Football and (Field) Hockey are my spots, although I haven't played competitive football for the last 2 years. Miss it
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