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  1. WG Ross

    Welcome dude
  2. WG Ross

    welcome to the forums mother fucker @WG Fargorn just recruited max 2277 pker btw
  3. WG Ross

    Book marked this hoe
  4. WG Ross

    welcome ! gl with app and gains!
  5. WG Ross

  6. WG Ross

  7. WG Ross

    look at this dudes agility and over all level. i recruited this dude. youre fucking welcome. alsoo he's already literaally been like 4 ppls (who are ranked in cc's) personal wiki page l0L lets goooo thank god another fucking stoner these cunts act like we are second class citizens
  8. WG Ross

    Welcome to the forums
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  10. WG Ross

    beef this up and ur in dog
  11. WG Ross

    these are the forums.. welcome to them
  12. WG Ross

    welcome to the forums bud
  13. WG Ross

    smfhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I certainly am
  14. WG Ross

    LMFAOOO welcome to the forums mate... nobody fought anybody. fuck this slander.
  15. WG Ross

    welcome to the forums mate