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  1. WG Ross

    Yo excellent application! Hope you follow through with app mngrs!
  2. WG Ross

    Yeah sure but #bullyingworks
  3. WG Ross

    Welcome back
  4. WG Ross

    Welcome back lookin forward to scaping with ya
  5. WG Ross

  6. WG Ross

  7. WG Ross

    GL dog welcome
  8. WG Ross

    Welcome to the forums bud!
  9. WG Ross

    reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee let's go this must be like me 4th or 5th recruit
  10. WG Ross

    F I N A L L Y WILL!!!! this dude is severely backed. big yeet we live in dallas fool. fucking love houston tho SUC TILL I D I E
  11. WG Ross


    Damn you really had to do us like this huhhh...... BUT GZ MOJO
  12. WG Ross

    only two choices thank you do not test me
  13. WG Ross

    is this photo of me hot or sexy i cannot decide
  14. WG Ross

    Been nice seeing you around good luck with app! hope to see you with a banana
  15. WG Ross

    great app! stoked to see you in the clan dude!