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  1. Yeah! however it can be fun sometimes.. got 3x dragon dagger in a row from dust devils
  2. OhMyGs

    [Accepted] RNG Plez

    Welcome my man And welcome back!
  3. OhMyGs


    Cool man! I only do boxing, running and cycling in my lonesome. I try to not do it systematically as that is often the point i don't want to do it anymore Right now i'm sporting everyday again haha that last pic is boss ;D
  4. yooo skillers unite! welcome man
  5. Hey man! I'm still in application fase, but it's cool to see people coming back, seems like real fun out here
  6. alchers will get that staff i think, could be nice during agility, dunno about the weight difference though
  7. ooh nice solid millzz Haha Drunk Guthan is a great name
  8. OhMyGs

    [Accepted] OhMyGs

    thanks guys! Just found this gif and had to put it in the signature lol. Awesome btw Fargorn!
  9. OhMyGs

    [Accepted] OhMyGs

    Thanks guys :)! Will do slumptality
  10. OhMyGs

    [Accepted] OhMyGs

    OhMyGs What is your current RS name? OhMyGs List any previous RS names: I have had another name when i started this account, but honestly i can't remember for sure. Probably: SkeletonRowdie I have had a lot of f2p accounts back in the day, but i always forgot either the name or the password and made a new account. What is your total level and combat level? Total lvl: 1276 Cbt lvl: 85.65 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. This account is a main account which i started in the summer of 2017. I've played active for around 4 months, then had to take a break because of study, and now i've been playing again. This has been my first time as a member, so there's a lot to explore for me. I like the name OhMyGs as in: Oh my god (sword) :P just a nice wordplay i think. I have mainly been doing slayer and mining, but also have been exploring all the other skills and quests in the summer. Right now i'm planning on getting rfd done and doing some big time nmz! Unfortunately my PVP skills are very lacking still, i am hoping to grow in this clan! Tell us about your clan history. I have had none. I have been in a couple of friendly cc's, just people talking a bunch :). Also none on other accounts. Tell us about your yourself. I am called appie, male, 22 years old, from the netherlands. I am doing a university master biomedical engineering and i give private lessons part time. My hobby and semi-profession is guitar playing and mixing music. The music i am most fond of is progressive metal(core). A talent of mine would be... that i am quite positive all the time, maybe a tad too much for some :P. I like spicy food, i like to do boxing. I dislike people that actively promote discriminatory beliefs, and i dislike problems caused by bureaucracy (haha this is too specific). How did you hear about us? i found WG MOJO here, where i was looking for a clan: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1782617-looking-4-a-clan/ What makes you want to join us? My reasons are: - The fact that you guys have the ability to let me join and grow with you . This makes we *want* to be loyal to you guys. It is easy to accept someone who's 94 magic and 110+ cb lvl :P. - I can choose my level of participation. My days are very flexible and sometimes i am very busy for a week and then it's easy going again. This flexibility from the clan is what i need. - I like the honour code! Makes me feel like this is a real tribe! - Last of all, i would really like to get closer with people that are deep into this game. Honestly, i have just 6 people in my friends list, of which 1 i really like, but he quit unfortunately. (i hope he comes back though!). (he is called Gnarly Goy right now). Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I am inexperienced especially in the members area, i have a lot to learn. My PVP skills are very beginner, but i'm hyped to learn it. I want to grow this account, make an alt and then practice on that alt first. I have used a mouse recorded in the past, to do silk stall thieving in ardougne. I haven't done this since August 2017.
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