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  1. heading to Disney in couple months with my family, having a wg meet up aswell
  2. me and a bro ran a mining company wayyyy back in the day lol
  3. jaredspurr

    [Declined] WLLZY

    not being a snake, shit got me kicked so lets see if staff holds they value or not
  4. jaredspurr

    [Declined] WLLZY

  5. jaredspurr

    [Declined] WLLZY

    hopefully you actually come clean about recent stuff but ill wait
  6. welcome have a few friends from pitt area, nothing made me more happy to see pengs get swept, #bruins
  7. grinding fishing during the day at work not sure what ill do at night maybe con
  8. hey jan welcome to the boards you came to the right clan
  9. not sure, im working on banking 99 con but also gonna be doing a lot of afking fishing while working/watching tv
  10. welcome to the boards man, faced ff/di back in the day
  11. welcome to the boards man hope you enjoy your stay
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