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  1. ten759

    hey guys I've made some pretty crazy progress on my account in the past month. when I applied to this clan a month ago my total level was only 1475 and i had some real weak points in my account. all the bossing events in the clan has given me something to go for though. so in that three weeks from applying I've gotten my total level up to 1609. i got my hunter to 60 from level 18 got crafting to 70 from 53 completed a ton of quests to get monkey madness 2 done got hard moritanya diaries done did my first barrows kills got full void this next month i hope to complete all the remaining quests and get all the medium diaries done, and hopefully some more of the hards done.
  2. ten759

    none..... lol highest I've gotten is my range level in rs3 of 92 i think
  3. hope he gets to play again. i liked his older videos and he could do a rebuild series.
  4. ten759

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. ten759 What is your current RS name? ten759 List any previous RS names: i think at one point when i was like 8 i had an account named blk knight something... but other than that I've used the same account since i started What is your total level and combat level? total level : 1475 combat level: 104 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. i played supper casually as a kid and runecape was really my first game/online community. actually my name ten759 was just auto generated when my first few name choices were takes and I've used it for everything since to the point where now I identify with it and answer as readily to "Ten" as i do my real name. i came back to osrs for a bit when they brought out 2007 scape again but burned out when my friends stopped playing i played rs3 for 2 years in college and built a pretty descent account, all 90+ combat stats and i even had the noxious scythe at one point. but i ended up getting discouraged with just how far i had to go to get end game gear, i had bandos and a T90 melee weapon but was no where near close to being able to get the T90 gear for the other attack styles, or any of the T90 armor. i also couldn't really get the hang of some of the rs3 bosses i was trying to go for. combined with that I started feeling some nostalgia for old school runescape. so i ended up liquifying my rs3 account and transferring my wealth over to my osrs character to get a jump start getting back in. ive been setting myself incremental goals as I work myself towards end game content. even though i had played on and off for more than a decade i had never done even 10% of the quests int he game until recently. so ive been questing and grinding to try and get to a well rounded account, i actually got my first fire cape only about a year and a half ago. I know, total noob achievement but i had never put forth the effort to understand the mecahnics ticks before. right now im working on barb fishing because i know i need 91 for the elite morytania tasks and i figured it would give me agility at the same time. when i take breaks from fishing I've been slaying for exp and money. Tell us about your clan history. no other clans Tell us about your yourself. my name is greg bell, i just turned 23 a month ago. I'm in the army national guard and im actually currently on active duty orders helping out border patrol agents. i have an associates degree in programming and i like to make phone games and apps as a hobby. im also into exercising, i run almost every day and lift. in highschool i joked that i was the bridge between the meat heads and the geeks. i would go lift with the football team after school and then go home and play dungeons and dragons with my friends. im pretty easy going i don't let myself get stressed over petty things. but im also very competitive, nothing motivates me like competition, even if its just like, yo dude im gunnu hit this next fishing level before you! How did you hear about us? i posted in reddit looking for someone to help me get into end game pvm What makes you want to join us? im looking for a group of people to help me learn how to get into end game content. honestly, even just a group of people to chat with in game while im grinding. its hard to stay motivated when I am just playing by myself and none of my friends are playing. i get entertainment even just by trying to out level or progress skills faster than my friends when they are on. basically im just lonely ahahaha. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: well I've got strong opinions and I do enjoy disusing and talking to people with different views butt i know that can cause issues because a lot of people cant keep their cool when they are talking about things they are passionate about. i don't hold grudges tho or judge people/ dislike them just because i disagree with them. oh also i do have a temporary ban on my account record, idk if you guys look at acc history or anything when vetting members. but I'm bringing it up because my account at one point was hacked during one of my long hiatuses from the game so i actually am not sure what the terms of the ban were. i just know that when i was looking at my acc history on the jagex website and i have a temp ban that i had no memory of.