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  1. JB

    [Accepted] TrembolonaGh

    Welcome m8, app looks good now.
  2. Yea, same reaction as Fargorn for me. It's hella fun for a few days, but after that subsides there really isn't much content to the game to keep me interested. I occasionally hop on with a few friends to stab some people in the face on the rare occasion when the mood strikes.
  3. Welcome, interesting to see a full-time mobile player. How is that working out for ya as a full-time client? I've been playing mobile mostly at work or when on the go, but not nearly as much as you would be.
  4. Picking up mind runes from the spawn in lumbridge castle and then fighting in the cabbage patches just north of lumbridge. Spam clicking magic casts as fast as possible while stabbing people with a bronze sword while every 3 attacks when you could move again picking up cabbages to heal as much as I could. Later, around level 30 combat, creating a body guard service to escort players from varrock west bank to the weapon shop to purchase a rune long, the best weapon in the game at the time and was the only place to get it. We would take a small fee of 1k and attack anyone who we weren't guarding on the short walk there to ensure they made it safely to the shop to buy the sword.
  5. Awesome that they let you do that again? Back in OIF 3 the Army made us remove all identifying marks from our vehicles. How about "Boom Stick" / "Boomstick"
  6. JB

    [Accepted] The Megla

    Welcome back, though I wasn't here when you last were.
  7. Nice work man, getting them gainz!
  8. JB

    [Declined] LilNewttt

    Welcome! No one cares that you smoke weed here
  9. JB

    [Accepted] Aistan93

    Welcome to the forums. Good luck in medical school!
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