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Bring me up to speed! Share something from OSRS 2014 era wouldn't know today!

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Hey Everyone! I know alot has changed since 2014 OSRS and thats the last time I've played, help me out and let me know anything that you might feel is worth knowing nowadays wether it be PVP or PVM, currently I am in MM1 zone bursting monkeys for mage xp achieving 150k xp per hour shooting for 94 magic from 74!


Next for me I believe will be doing some quest to get the critical items, whichever they may be! enlighten me!


Thank you in advanced and I look forward to the valued information!

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I know this is a lazy answer but the updates page on the wiki might be a good place to start, to see what big updates have since released

bagility.gif.25f4e87ea305c79695280907bd4e5cd0.gif  3rd place in the Agility Competition of 29th of April 2019





Big PvM drops I got







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Welcome! on the surface it seems like a lot has changed but really, the fundamentals are the same. We have a few different ways to train skills these days like mahogany homes for construction and stuff which is nice, but not too much to be overwhelmed by.


Pm me or just ask in clan normally if you need any guidance <3. Welcome back


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