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[Accepted] Dark Dayy

Dark Day

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Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process.

Dark Dayy


What is your current RS name? Dark Dayy

List any previous RS namesRandom names...none holding any real significance. Did have the account "I PkSkillers" on my main, while it was a pure...for the longest time. It, Dark Day, and Dark Dayy are probably the oldest names I've used. Dark Day currently being used on a baby iron man that I don't mess with.

What is your total level and combat level?

2027, 116


For now...first time really wanting to play in a couple years. Account used to be a pure. 


Tell us about your RuneScape account and history.

Been playing since 2003 or 2004, with a primarily pvp oriented play style. First account name was Dark Day. Later used an account puremyars99, in the main clanning scene, that started out as a pure I bought in 2006. Account was recovered sometime after I stopped playing in like 2010ish. Spent a lot of time on Private Servers, up until the release of Oldschool Runescape.


Tell us about your clan history.

Eh, I've been in several. 2 longest running clans in around 04-08ish was Collision and Final Ownage Elite. Primary account used in Col was Puremyars99 and account used in FOE was boss dark10. Was also in WG for a bit on Puremyars99, when the clan was a powerhouse in P2P...during the era of Kenshln (think that was his name). Up until HisLordship closed WG, just to reopen it...into a shell of what it was pre closure.

On OSRS I've mostly been in pure clans. FOE then Misfits, then FOE again. Was in another pure clan for a spell, that I can't remember the name of. I know Zenith absolutely despised them...just can't remember the name.

Got tired of pure clans, and started a bit with the main scene. Was part of VR for a few months, but just lacked motivation to play the game. Officially stopped playing OSRS when New World was released.


Tell us about your yourself.

I'm 34, have a wife and a 8 year old little boy. Currently live in a small town in Eastern Kentucky, about to move like 300ish miles west, to a bigger town in Western KY. Currently in the process of selling my house and buying another.

Also, FINALLY decided to go back to school recently...to get into IT with a focus on Networking. Only recently really got the motivation to make the initiative to do something better than what I do now. Absolutely would NOT recommend working retail. Been doing it for close to 7 years, and it's miserable. Dealing with people that look down on you, just not a fan. Games kinda helps me to forget about the shitness of life.

Stopped playing Runescape when New World came out. Been on it since, and have recently slowed down on it. Put close to 5k hours of play time into it.


How did you hear about us?  Who hasn't heard of WG?

What makes you want to join us? Just looking for an active group of people to play alongside of. Without the immature toxic doucheness that comes with some clans. So over the clan drama.

Plus I know WG has a strong emphasis on community...and ain't a stranger to doing the occasional pvp thing.


Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clanYes


Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Only thing I've done is RWT, and it's been ages since I've done it. 🤷

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Congratulations, you have been accepted into our community!

You are now an Initiate Guardian and have 3 weeks to attend 3 events, reply to at least 10 posts and graduate.


Here are some useful links:

  • Graduations - you have 3 weeks to post your graduation form. You can post it before you reach all the requirements and fill them in later.
  • Unread content - gives you the latest posts. Keeps you up to date.
  • Important Announcements - check frequently for major updates.
  • Calendar - all events are here, listed in your own time zone. You can even host your own.
  • Discord - keep notifications on for #osrs_announcements and #graduation. We'll never spam you.
  • Recruitment Tips - help expand our clan
  • New to PvM or PvP? Check out the #pvm-help and #pvp-help channels on Discord.
  • Use #pvm-help on Discord to assign yourself roles to get pings for groups
  • Use !pvp to get pings for PK trips.


Important: Please do not talk about PvP events in our Clan Chat. Use Discord.


I and the staff are happy to answer any further questions.

Welcome to our clan!


P.S. Got two minutes spare? Take this optional survey to help us with our recruitment process.

P.P.S. Are you a Discord Nitro subscriber or have a lot of IRL money? 🤑 Consider giving us your Nitro Server Boost. See #nitro-boost on Discord for info.






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