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Community Intro - Zioszal

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Tell us about yourself.

I am 25, living on a tiny island called Saipan.Its a tropical island in the middle of nowhere. I have a BA in Business Administration, I play basketball competitively, used to play League of legends, and more recently pubg. I started playing OSRS the last months or so, after not playing since I was like 12 years old. Once I picked up on OSRS, i gave up every other game I played. I finally have all the time in the world to enjoy Runescape.


Clan history.  



How did you hear about us? I stumbled upon the clan in REVS today, and I like how yall stacked and came out. Looks like yall have very good communication.

Do you plan to join? Yes


Any last comments?  

I am on at least 8 hours a day, so I will be very active in Cc and what not...

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