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Community Intro - Lillefigo

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Tell us about yourself.

I don't remember exactly when I began to play RuneScape, but to say it that way I remember when Slayer was introduced as a skill in RS2.
I played actively until 2009, has a break until 2011 and played until EoC. After OSRS(or RS2007) I came back for some time, but it wasn't the same anymore and I retired once again. Now, after OSRS mobile came around I had a good excuse to skill the boring bits afk, and I've gotten some new energy into the game due to that the past year or so.
As a former PK leader I obviously find PvPing exciting, but I am also fond of social PvMing and just hanging out with great people in general.

I'm 28 years old, newly married with no kids as far as I know of. I work full time now after completing a 6 years university degreee last summer.
In addition I'm Norwegian, and due to that I'm an aboslute ski-addict(Cross country-skiing in particular).


Clan history.  

The British Elites(2004-2009+2013-2014) (Was a leader of TBE for a couple of years as well as PK leader)

Solace(2010-2012/2013)-Whenever Solace closed after reaching #1



How did you hear about us? From TBE back in the days when TBE and WG were allies.(No idea if you still are.)

Do you plan to join? I'm missing the social aspect of the game and seriously considering joining.


Any last comments?  

A shame His Lordship has retired. In TBE Junglebiscuit is still rocking the rocking chair.

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