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Just some zulrah

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On my road to filling the zulrah droplog (since all my drops were deleted) i started out at 1580 kc, with only pet, scales and teleports obtained.

I just wanted to show you the insane luck I had during my first 100 kills (within the first 62 i had obtained all 4 uniques).



This is my log, now at 1680 kc:


Hoping to get at least jar (which was my first ever item, but not on log sadly) and 1 mutagen by the time i reach 5k


Log 100 kills later at 1780: only 1 unique in the these 100 kills: uncut onyx


1800 KC: new item: magic fang


From now on i will post at every 100 kills, next update at 1900


1900 KC: no new uniques :(


2000KC: no new unique :( I see scales dont update past 65535


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