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  1. Very nice! Best of luck!
  2. azaethor


    Gz on the pet!
  3. azaethor

    [Declined] Oolorin

    Good luck with the app process!
  4. azaethor

    99 Herblore

    heck yes!!! congratulations!
  5. that really really stinks. I think 9 bonds ought to buy a new one. I'm game to throw you one if some other people want to pitch in as well. #Stilerionrelieffund
  6. Good luck! I was a lone guy myself, hope you get in!
  7. welcome! I'm in the South East as well CST.
  8. azaethor

    [Accepted] Laran

    Gielenor is a big place! playing alone definitely gets very boring! welcome to the clan!
  9. welcome to WG! good luck maxing again!
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