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Late intro- Whyte Rose

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howdy folks, a very late introduction on my part. i probably should've done this after being accepted as an initiate but here i am, still trying to earn my stripes. I've been here for (i wanna say 2 months now?) and definitely has been a great clan experience. Just wanna thank everyone who's been super helpful. I come to play rs mostly for the social aspect and connecting with ppl around the world. It's really cool learning from you guys and getting to know ya. I apologize if i clog up the chat sometimes in game for shitposting sometimes but i like to think it takes the edge away from the monotonous grind. not sure what else to really say other than if anyone is ever needing someone to talk to let me know, if i'm online chances are i'd rather talk than click for hours on end (not that i don't absolutely love this game) but ive struggled with mental health and i know this game is a great escape from irl but never be afraid to reach out. Like planet fitness, i'm a judgement free kinda guy.


thanks for coming to my ted talk 

~Whyte Rose

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Nice TED talk :)


On a more serious note though, I have noticed your activity in the cc, and it's super helpful to have someone who keeps things relaxed and fun. We all grind so much on RS, and it's nice to bring it back a bit to the days where it was less about tick manipulation and more about just hanging with friends and meeting people from around the world. A lot of us absolutely didn't care about XP rates back in 2003/2004, and we played the game just for the fun of it and the social aspect. I agree with you regarding the escape from real life; sometimes it's fun to just afk fish or woodcut and be afk from real life. 


Glad to have you here!

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