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  1. Wtf a rs player that goes outside D:
  2. Welcome back, sunce you love rc so much...wanna get my rc up,just till 70 or diaries not much
  3. You animal, how could you not pet the dog!!!
  4. Welcome back home boss, I saved a bottle just for this occasion
  5. Yah since you are friend with lilf we cant accept you , good luck finding a better clan
  6. White portuguese
  7. Welcome aussie btw
  8. Its nice to have someone who can help with swapping, I migth even message you about it tomorrow. Welcome to the clan
  9. attempting to kick a player from friends chat
  10. You are making me think of having guinea pibs but theres a sligth problem,2 cats
  11. Must punch a wall to recover my manliness
  12. Welcome
  13. Welcome
  14. HaramBae
  15. Im am pretty sure the stuff added wont be corrupted , and also we wont havea SDW