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  1. You animal, how could you not pet the dog!!!
  2. Welcome back home boss, I saved a bottle just for this occasion
  3. Yah since you are friend with lilf we cant accept you , good luck finding a better clan
  4. White portuguese
  5. Welcome aussie btw
  6. Its nice to have someone who can help with swapping, I migth even message you about it tomorrow. Welcome to the clan
  7. attempting to kick a player from friends chat
  8. You are making me think of having guinea pibs but theres a sligth problem,2 cats
  9. Must punch a wall to recover my manliness
  10. Welcome
  11. Welcome
  12. HaramBae
  13. Im am pretty sure the stuff added wont be corrupted , and also we wont havea SDW
  14. I envy the fact that people can find cool names that easily , I allways struggle so much. Anyways, welcome!
  15. welcome to the family