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  1. Fr0styo

    Welcome mister, really good looking app and account
  2. Fr0styo

    Try and see if theres a custom laptop builder where you are, you can get a nutty pc with that ammountbon a custom builder, my uncle got a 1050ti i7700 16GB x 1 250ssd 960 sshd with os and everythinf ready to go
  3. Fr0styo

    1 runecrafting REEEEEEEEE, just get tears of guthix done and it passive exp, really worth
  4. Fr0styo

    Names not Reeeeeeeeeee Nation, no support
  5. Fr0styo

    Little did you know we are a ROT affiliate
  6. Fr0styo

    He has an ip oh no
  7. Fr0styo

    Welcome my good sir
  8. Fr0styo

    Boi oh boi what a nice looking app
  9. Fr0styo

    Would love to go to a runefest but between plane tickets, runefest ticket, hotel,food and money to spend there would be damn expensive. And going alone FeelsBadMan
  10. Fr0styo

    Wtf a rs player that goes outside D:
  11. Fr0styo

    Welcome back, sunce you love rc so much...wanna get my rc up,just till 70 or diaries not much
  12. Fr0styo

    You animal, how could you not pet the dog!!!
  13. Fr0styo

    Welcome back home boss, I saved a bottle just for this occasion
  14. Fr0styo

    Yah since you are friend with lilf we cant accept you , good luck finding a better clan
  15. Fr0styo

    White portuguese