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  1. Hey! Thanks for joining the short notice corp event! Have fun in WG and gl on your studies! !!!x3
  2. oh hi didn't see you there
  3. I hAvE 2o0o ToTaL
  4. im jelly. gimme some rng
  5. Anyone play league of legends on NA? ign: KF Trash Can
  6. Hey newt I think I saw you on cc that one time
  7. welcome! looking for to lewd adventures in cc
  8. Mojo's prized pony pl0x
  9. Called it lel
  10. I was in discord when you posted about pet lol people were salty af grats
  11. This was so satisfying to complete after hours of work lol SHOUT OUT TO AAIGHT! TY for lending me DFS
  12. nice name 8.4/10
  13. makes torture and anguish the best in slot for range and melee i think
  14. after like 250 kc and getting all the ballista pieces it happened lol