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  1. anotha one! this time with ring of wealth
  2. Crimsonlock

    can you be my pet cat?
  3. Crimsonlock

    Yo the rng is real. I only wanted to kill for diary
  4. Crimsonlock

    see you at 99 soon too
  5. Crimsonlock

    took a week or two to get from 95-99
  6. Crimsonlock

    Are you the Clever Girl?
  7. Crimsonlock

    ew go away. jk welcome back
  8. Crimsonlock

    niace. you ended your streak without me
  9. Crimsonlock

    my first pet! Oh i also got a bruma torch
  10. Crimsonlock

    Hey! Thanks for joining the short notice corp event! Have fun in WG and gl on your studies! !!!x3
  11. Crimsonlock

    oh hi didn't see you there
  12. Crimsonlock

    I hAvE 2o0o ToTaL
  13. Crimsonlock

    im jelly. gimme some rng
  14. Anyone play league of legends on NA? ign: KF Trash Can