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  1. Won't max any time soon Sam, have IRL commitments. Won't be long though till i hit higher combat at least.
  2. OMG his got a normal name we can actually recognise him!
  3. ? Do we have to let him back in?
  4. I've not played for a few months now, lifes gonna be hetic with 6 day weeks at work and moving house just after too. It all depends when, also what rules ect. DLC is on sale too... so if you don't own it now is a good time to buy it while its cheap.
  5. I don't have it. However what I've heard from multiple people is that its garbage on the xbox. No surprises there, bad servers and its still aparently a Beta game so will be a while before its top quality. Simply put they rushed it as normal for the profit. Annoys the hell out of me when companys do that, I'd rather wait longer and have it completed and polished fully working than have a game with major issues.
  6. Make WG great again, who else is left to bring back haha. Nice to have you back with us!
  7. You too cat. Keep killing birds whilst woodcutting btw. I loved the carnage it caused. Chop Chop!
  8. I should really start learning Zulrah
  9. Good to have you back with us!
  10. We have an event for it @WG Da Man
  11. What stats did you have? I noticed a lot of the group you was with had like Bone C bows and mixed hide sets with Rune, so i'm guessing it was very intermediary levelwise.
  12. Deadman is a weird one, I'd love for the clan to have a good crack at it once we have more numbers. Steadily growing but I think its always going to be groups like fools, rot ect who win. You kept lookin for a black hide body and passed it like 6 times before grabbing it
  13. I can see it actually being used, by verying timezones. EG after an update/days with less players like mondays, during school time and whatnot. Total level worlds and the aussie ones are another form. PvP and +1 Worlds another. I mean if your geared in Full Karils/Bulkwurk/Serp and have a decent amount of brews ect your be okay except if caught in multi. Would be one of those spots such as say pking at the lava maze under the maze itself rocks/dragons and finding somebody though, very rare but opportunistic.
  14. Surprised at that Rs3 player count, pretty strong. All i've heard is that its having players leave a lot in waves.
  15. Congratulations bro.