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  1. suffud

    GG no RM. Sit.
  2. suffud

    Damn nice.
  3. Somebodys been on the medicinal highs at work lmao
  4. suffud

    Build a gaming pc thats 4 times more powerful, and buy a car with some left over. Madness paying that much for a laptop.
  5. suffud

    Our next generation isn't even playing yet. Give it 6 years and then it hits. The likes of Phil Foden, Jadon Sancho, Ryan Sessengen are massive prospects. James Maddison an Ex Coventry player has just stepped up into the Premership, has a bright future in the england team. I'm surprised he didn't go to Spurs or Liverpool. Currently England lack a player like Modic and De Bruyne with to cut through teams. As well as a second striker to go up front with Kane who can score. We also seem to lack actual Wingers except for Wingbacks. Future is bright though! ______ Did'nt watch the game yesterday as I was meeting up with old school friends, but from what I heard Belgium tore us apart. Had no hope when I found out he rested players and had Phil Jones play. Jones is not fit to lace any players boots let alone play. Congrats on third Belgium!
  6. suffud

    Congrats dude, drinks are on you/
  7. suffud

    Kante will make anything 2v1. Guys has a fucking jet engine in him. Saw him 15yards behind somebody last season at full sprint and he caught up and tackled from the front.
  8. suffud

    I think we could beat france, but i know Mbappe and Kante will be problematic.
  9. suffud

    Nice to meet you, you should give pking a go too! We can teach you how to do it and its great fun!
  10. suffud

    Got a Croatian mate at work, got everybody giving him stick saying its coming home, tissues are down aisle 38 ect. His getting it right in the neck and dishing it back! Good stuff. Looking forward to the England vs Belgium final. Glad we have Croatia rather than France personally though.
  11. suffud

    That drunk, he doesnt even know his total level.
  12. suffud

    Congrats dude
  13. suffud

    Was a nice game? Which game was you watching it was horrendous. I've seen better fair play at non league level. At least the players there aren't diving to the ground and fouling every time somebody touches the ball. 6 Yellow cards and they got lucky. Should of had two reds and even more yellows at least. That goal was a suckerpunch but they deserved jack shit from that game. Was amazing to see us finally win on penalties. Pickford saving that shot will be a massive confidence boost to the young lad. I think people forget just how young our squad actually is, theirs a lot of hate going at Stirling for not scoring but his creating space and chances, whilst not in his natural position as a winger. Don't get why his not starting Rashford/Stirling on the sides of Kane tbh. Southgate also seems pretty slow to put subs on.
  14. suffud

    Crazy world cup so far. Still thinking it could well be England Belgium in the final. 1st Teams this time. Nobody has impressed me so far except both those teams and somewhat France dispatching the Argy's. Japan almost had Belgium however needing a little last minute winner sounds like England Vs Tunisia Lait? Except the Japanese are even smaller, and actually spanked you till energy levels dropped and they conceded attacking. It really is the year of the underdog. I'd love it for one of them to lift it if England falls.
  15. suffud

    I always went into the menu's rather than the current way, much easier this way!