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  1. Congrats, best combat stat in the game.
  2. In the future I'll be hosting basic PvP lessons for single and clan pking. Just need to sort a little bit out in RL issues first before I can commit my time. Fun fighting in clanwars (world 2 is often full and 29. Along with duel arena/vs clan members can be good. Try practising with MSB/Gmaul as thats the big OP combo really atm.
  3. I would normally be denying the application of this NEWB to the clan, however she would likely beat me IRL for it. So I'm recommending her! She will learn a lot and be a good asset, already proven with scouting for us on PK trips!
  4. Good to see you applied, look forward to you being a member.
  5. Awesome name dude. Welcome!
  6. What sort of restrictions? Teams? Timeframe? They can go on for a very long time sometimes.
  7. Congrats, a lot of WG members getting them recently!
  8. Denied. Cat
  9. Bit of an embarrassment really but I fall asleep earlier today and had a nap, not been sleeping great recently so napping a fair bit after work. I scheduled the PK event for 7 30 and woke up without an Alarm at 7 40. During this dream I dreamt I was for some reason pking in my slayer gear, standing behind a web with a guy in mystics and ancient staff trash talking on the other side. Suddenly I wake bolt upright hearing ice barrage. I'd put my phone earlier on loud due to expecting a call and forgot I had ice barrage as a notification setting for apps and one updated and set it off. Legit thought I was being attacked IRL for a few moments before I realised im dreaming! Anybody else got any random RS dreams happen to them before? This is the first I remember.
  10. Yeah it sounds like it would be good, just gotta hope you have options to survive against a clan there too. Hopefully not similar to the portal caves under the wild or the current wildy gwd. Both are far too basic in wgw or poor design for the portals.
  11. First.
  12. Congratulations NERD
  13. Hopefully its not a stupid long run through too aswell, places like Relekka Slayer cave is not what the game needs, don't want people able to box away from pkers too. Pre-Zulrah loot would be ridiculous really, it might even encourage clans using the caves to train/protect each other.
  14. Dragon slayer two is legit the only thing I'm hyped for. The bounty rework hopefully will kill of the stupid bh kill mules. Rev caves will likely be more dead content unless it has good loot like spider ect. I find it unlikely all round though that they will get it right.
  15. Honestly, I didn't even watch it but the whole thing seems bullshit to put it lightly. Way to coincidental that the 4 people left, all had better food/levels and all DC. Whilst the ROT member does not. They really need to stop doing the DMMT and instead focus on sorting the issue of DCing out or the game is going to get such negative press due to it. It's happening too much, the Pking single community is trash due to it with people DDOSing anybody with a high value +1. I don't know about the waring scene but it's likely a very similar issue. What's the point in fighting when the servers is what kills you not your reaction speed or strategy?