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  1. test 3 2 1
  2. @Imitus and @5ftassassin Once released lets do this
  3. Hey

    Eyooo frostie!
  4. Arcane scroll with pet!!!
  5. Gratziezzz!
  6. Finally!! After a lot of raids (so dry lately ) and other PVMing I have managed to buy my twisted bow (with some help from @Imitus) I sold a lot of my gear to get this so next goal is to get all my gear back!
  7. Ye I think they should implement this stuff as soon as possible!
  8. I see now how you are not maxed yet
  9. Very nice drop! Gratzz
  10. Gratzzz dude!! Only few more skills to go!
  11. Gratz!! Very nice
  12. Welcome robbert!! Cool you decided to join!
  13. I just got another Mutagen, unfortunately it's my second Tanzanite Mutagen still hunting the Zulrah pet and Magma Mutagen
  14. Maxing baby
  15. One of the pets I really wanted!! On KC 1646, not 100% what unsired but I think 14-15