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  1. Finally done with Fishing!! Another 99 I have never had before. Agility is next!
  2. This is cool! Now we can keep an eye on the slackers (yes you Frozen)
  3. Lvl 99 number 18 is completed! 99 farming :).
  4. Nope, Frozen!
  5. Nope, Its mojo time
  6. Gratzz! It's a nice 99 to have, a skillcape that's actually useful
  7. And next week I work at home so got a lot more time to train. 99 fishing will be done Tuesday/Wednesday
  8. Ye I used them also but with the whole ''grey'' area I don't want to take the risk of getting banned. To many hours spent on this acc
  9. Another fishing lvl :), also 130k left for 99 farming, so will lvl it later this weekend.
  10. When they ''banned'' AHK they also said that windows mouse keys are the only ''legal'' mousekeys. So be carefull.
  11. Hello! Very nice app
  12. Welcome Matt!
  13. Gratz Aaight! Nice one to get out of the way