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  1. Geitekaas

  2. Geitekaas

    Haha, I was not a zerger either, more of a roamer as a thief. I was in a couple of WvW guilds doing lots of raiding and some GvG's. I would not mind getting back into some GW2. What is your username? My account name is Koeien Kaas.1268
  3. Geitekaas

    I was a fanatic WvW player and have been on several servers. BUt now on FSP I think
  4. Geitekaas

    Omg @Lait Choco I think I'm also on FPS I used to play this way to much until I started playing Old School
  5. Geitekaas

    I'm also in
  6. Geitekaas

    Oh my god peoples!! Got Magma Mutagen! Got both of them now. Only need the pet to finish off Zulrah!
  7. Geitekaas

    I'm in
  8. Geitekaas

    test 3 2 1
  9. Geitekaas

    @Imitus and @5ftassassin Once released lets do this
  10. Geitekaas


    Eyooo frostie!
  11. Geitekaas

    Arcane scroll with pet!!!
  12. Geitekaas

  13. Geitekaas

    Finally!! After a lot of raids (so dry lately ) and other PVMing I have managed to buy my twisted bow (with some help from @Imitus) I sold a lot of my gear to get this so next goal is to get all my gear back!
  14. Geitekaas

    Ye I think they should implement this stuff as soon as possible!
  15. Geitekaas

    I see now how you are not maxed yet