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  1. Hey Sam! Hows you doing?
  2. After 2833 Zulrah kills I finally got my first Mutagen!!!
  3. I have been doing my Abyssal demon task at Sire and managed to finish a Bludgeon Sold it for 25.8M!
  4. It was broken for like 1-2 hours and then they nerfed it a bit. Now the drops are good but not op
  5. First unique from Vorkath! The Dragonbone necklace! Sold it for 4.5m
  6. Scammer
  7. Welcome Alex
  8. Welcome!
  9. Got this awesome pet today!! KC 27
  10. Goodluck dude!
  11. Some of you might have noticed that I maxed But what now?! Lot of people have asked what my plans are after max. The things I will be doing coming months will be slayer with as many bosses as possible / Zulrah / Raids. The main goal now is to gain lots of monies to buy expensive items I don't have yet. Like the Arcane Spirit Shield/Spectral Spirit Shield /Twisted Bow. I will update the main post of this blog to add the new goals I have in mind. To kickoff the new goals I did some raids with Imitus and Aaight and we got a Dex scroll
  12. Welcome!