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    welcome and gl
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    West ham! oh the bubbles!
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    hell yeah only 29 more hours
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    thank ya i look forward to being a member and oh yeah god i missed the grind.
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    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. GannicusG14 What is your current RS name? GannicusG14 List any previous RS names: Gosh i really cant remember What is your total level and combat level? Total Lvl: 573 Combat lvl: 57 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. The tale of Gannicus. I started playing Runescape back when it was the Runescape we know now. No Adamant was the best armor you could get at the time and if you wanted it you had to literally sell you grandmother... I will miss her. Anyways that was the day my very first character was made. I think it was called Yoshi but i am no sure at all. Well i hated it and quit. Then i came back to it a few years later and it looked like osrs does now except far less skills. My friends and I were more into ste... Err borrowing each others stuff and trying to get rick quick. We were bad at all of those things. A couple more years go by and I have lost interest in the game and began to play other games. It would be but a few summers later when Gannicus would be born. What would eventually become Rs3 I became a machine hell bent on becoming the best. I joined some fun clans, and had some fun times. Of course there were times of drama but low key sometimes those were fun. Oh me and my Gannicus went and did everything the game had to offer. We did the quests, got the skill capes and ruled the castle wars with an iron fist. Good times, that became boring over time. When you have 12 or something skill capes the game loses all appeal. Then one summer i would make the biggest mistake ever. I would get into botting and i admit did it ALOT. Too lazy and bored with the game to play, but spent tooooo much money on membership to quit so i decided to bot. Oh how it worked great for a few months. However, it would all come crashing down one faithful day and i was served with a perma ban. That was over 8 years ago. Now with the game on mobile and the chance to start over i remade Gannicus and here we are today. Tell us about your clan history. ugh the only standout clan i remember was Exigence. So much fun, a great group of people whom loved to just chat about what ever, or were down to run castle wars for a while. An awesome group and tbh one i would have joined again if i were to have 110 combat. Tell us about your yourself. Well my name is John, I am a male of 33 years old. I live in the US, I work all week so I am really only on during the weekends, but sometimes at night on a week day for a couple hours. I am a madden fanatic and while im not very good i love it none the less. I am ok at drawing but i like to do it anyways, and i love to write. I am a pretty chill person, i live where it is legal to smoke weed so yeah super laid back here. I for the most part just wanna have a nice area to shoot the shit with folks and talk about whatever. Only thing i really dislike are trouble makers ya know? Like the person just trying to start something for no reason that person sucks, other than that its all good here. How did you hear about us? saw you on the forums What makes you want to join us? you guys seem active and i have been away from Runescape for quite a while so it would be good to be with a bunch of people who know how to play Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: Shoot i pretty much laid it out in the other sections but here they are: I was perma banned for botting a long time ago and just started playing again maybe a month ago, I smoke weed ^_^, and i guess i am too honest sometimes >.>