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Nearomancer's attempt at conjuring higher stats

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Thought I would share my stats/goals for the upcoming weeks of grinding...feel free to offer some advice or criticize my choices. Need to start grinding more efficiently I have way too many days played to have stats this low.



80 Fish

70 Slay

80 Att/Str

53 Thieving

50 Agility

50 Herb

50 Farming

50 RC



Desert Treasure

Underground Pass

Lunar Diplomacy

Convince WG to hold a Woodcutting competition 


Probably going to work my way from top to bottom, open to changing my approach and hoping y'all can share some pointers with this noob.





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lv 50 farming was easy with quest to 36-7ish then farming minigame 

Rc is fantastic with tears of gunthix, just found it this week :)


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