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  1. Damn, you're a quest machine right now! A lot of people in the clan refuse to put forth effort towards quests, proud of you!
  2. Welcome back, and funnily enough, starting out pking, til we can get you comfortable at bringing switches, you can use a rune crossbow with diamond bolts lol. So come out with us again big dowg!
  3. I think you'll enjoy yourself, a clan really amplifies your love of the game. And dont forget to come pk with us!!
  4. As said on your app, come out pking with us when given the chance!
  5. Look forward to you being a bulwark for the innocent in the wild my friend, welcome!
  6. Welcome, come out pking with us!
  7. Too much for me, but thank you for making it big dowg!
  8. Welcome big dowg, look forward to seeing you around!
  9. Welcome, come out pking with us when you get the chance!
  10. Welcome back big dowg, I know you've been waiting for this day for awhile lol.
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