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  1. Why Try Guy

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    Runelite took his death photo immediately since he's my friend, so here's another one to add to the pile Colin lol
  2. Why Try Guy

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    @Frog Wiz I speared, as always lol. Kinda felt bad, but at the same time felt it could of been a recruitment opportunity and it worked lol. Oh, and it was yasti's 2nd AGS for the day lol.
  3. Why Try Guy

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    Sorry for the spears dowg, but you'll make more back than that AGS if you come to all the trips lol
  4. Why Try Guy

    chop city

    Good luck on your app bro!
  5. Why Try Guy


    If you stay playing rs while stationed in Korea you won't get demoted for the dumb shit everyone gets into over there. Not only will you enjoy your stay here, but it might help your military career lol.
  6. Why Try Guy


    Not too far from 2k, you got some easy/fast levels with wcing and fishing if you find a good show to watch. You could do smithing with gold smith gauntlets at blast furnance and/or wintertodt as well, you have the ability to knock out 2k fast if you focus on it. 2k total will definitely help us out on a quick hop into those worlds lol. Not alot of us have it but we have enough to bang out a quick kill and hop back out lol.
  7. Why Try Guy


    Yet another guy who can hop the gap at revs, shitty that your account got hacked but now you can help us finish off kills near greaters lol. Nice app!
  8. Plenty of fun to be had! Glad you chose WG!
  9. You won't be alone soon! Glad to have you man! They have plenty of learner everything so anything you fancy you can learn here, all you gotta do is ask.
  10. Hell yeah bro welcome back! Hope to see you on some pk trips with that 2k total!
  11. Why Try Guy


    You're definitely gonna have some fun here bro, being in an active clan completely changes your rs world, look forward to having you!
  12. If you're cool with Gwap Gang, you're good with me. You'll definitely have a good time pking here, it's pretty active with a multitude of different types of planned trips, and unplanned on the fly types. I look forward to you joining bro!
  13. We have pretty frequent and active ballista and pk trips! The other night we did skulled revs and farmed multiple uniques and cleared teams! I'm the same way in terms of group pking being my thing, singles is too crazy for me, but they teach it here as well. Either way nice to see your app, good luck!
  14. We have pretty active and frequent pk trips, I think you'll enjoy yourself and make some decent cash while doing so!
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