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  1. Why Try Guy

    SRT-4 ACR

    Oh shittttt dowg, they won't know what to do with both of us in the discord at the same time lol
  2. Why Try Guy


    Nice app, make sure you come pking when you get the chance!
  3. Welcome back bro, look forward to seeing you with us in the wild once again!
  4. Dude is cool, had him join us on the bandos trip this afternoon and he's quite the funny guy. Hopefully your app is sufficiently beefed up to pass the process, look forward to seeing you on more trips soon.
  5. Damn dude, that's a bad ass med level! Hope to see you on some trips soon.
  6. I saw ya last night at the soul wars event we had last night, hope to see you come to some pk trips as well!
  7. Hell yeah brother, get 70 defense and make a bad ass med account to pk on! We have an active pvp scene so you'll get more action then you think. I look forward to seeing you in the discord and on pk trips!
  8. The extra information is to make sure you're a decent person and what not because once you're accepted you will get splits and be able to screw over other members of the clan. Put forth the effort to put a little more into your application and it will pay off for you. As previously stated, personal details are not what we're after, reference other accepted applications for guidance.
  9. Gotta add a bit more so we can know who we're accepting into the clan brother. No personal details needed, just more of a general overview.
  10. Why Try Guy

    [Accepted] Pyf

    About time you apply my man, I can't wait to be talkin shit and hangin out with you again. The only thing about your app is that they will ask for more info to just get to know you more to see what type of person you are. Nothing personal has to be posted but just add a bit more about what you're into and you'll be fine.
  11. Nice application brother, you'll get well versed in the pvm side with our learner events and mentors. But the question is are you down to come pking? It's fun my man, give it a shot! Look forward to seeing you.
  12. I think you'll find a good group of guys to pvm and pk with here. Glad to see you apply!
  13. Why Try Guy

    Marinus Pk

    I certainly hope with the name and details of the application I see you on pk trips asap!
  14. It's interesting to see the progression of your account considering I've only known a 2k total, Cox grinding shorsey lol
  15. Glad to see another pker apply! Look forward to seeing you on trips.
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