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  1. Reedtrullz00

    United will win with the power of viking at the wheel!
  2. Reedtrullz00

    Good luck bro! I love the CAPS LOCK
  3. Reedtrullz00

    Gratulerer med dagen :D!
  4. Reedtrullz00

    My name is Reidar :P! Good luck with saying that right!
  5. Reedtrullz00

    My first gaming console was the original Xbox, but I had the weird silvery see-through one instead of the black and green one. I didn't have too many games so I played the shit out of Star Wars: Knights of the old republic
  6. Reedtrullz00

    happy birthday mate!
  7. Reedtrullz00

    On my gaming rig, I only use 1 27" 16:9 display. But I do have a MacBook just by my side so I can play while I also browse other things on the MacBook. So I guess I could say I use a 2 display setup
  8. Reedtrullz00

    I'm not at all jealous of ya'll
  9. Reedtrullz00

    Welcome! Best of luck on your application and graduation!
  10. Reedtrullz00

    I've seen you in-game and you seem like a nice dude! Welcome
  11. Reedtrullz00

    Welcome! Looking forward to hang out with you in-game
  12. Reedtrullz00

    I come from Norway and I've been to Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Marocco and Turkey Planning to get to the Americas and Australia sometime so I get all the continents!
  13. Reedtrullz00

  14. Reedtrullz00

    Thanks for the warm welcome messages!
  15. Reedtrullz00

    Thanks for a warm welcome and positivity towards my application! Surely I could go P2P again. Right now I'm just on a journey to get a feel for the game again and to build a foundation so I'd stick to the game. I figured that I wouldn't pay for membership if no clan wanted a low level like me. But if my interview with you guys go well and you guys want to give me a shot I have no problem popping the membership bubble and start working my way up Thanks for more warm welcomes :)! I haven't forgotten! You'll hear from me soon If anyone has any questions feel free to drop me the question here or in Discord!