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    My first gaming console was the original Xbox, but I had the weird silvery see-through one instead of the black and green one. I didn't have too many games so I played the shit out of Star Wars: Knights of the old republic
  2. Reedtrullz00

    happy birthday mate!
  3. Reedtrullz00

    On my gaming rig, I only use 1 27" 16:9 display. But I do have a MacBook just by my side so I can play while I also browse other things on the MacBook. So I guess I could say I use a 2 display setup
  4. Reedtrullz00

    I'm not at all jealous of ya'll
  5. Reedtrullz00

    Welcome! Best of luck on your application and graduation!
  6. Reedtrullz00

    I've seen you in-game and you seem like a nice dude! Welcome
  7. Reedtrullz00

    Welcome! Looking forward to hang out with you in-game
  8. Reedtrullz00

    I come from Norway and I've been to Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Egypt, Thailand, Marocco and Turkey Planning to get to the Americas and Australia sometime so I get all the continents!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome messages!
  11. Reedtrullz00

    Thanks for a warm welcome and positivity towards my application! Surely I could go P2P again. Right now I'm just on a journey to get a feel for the game again and to build a foundation so I'd stick to the game. I figured that I wouldn't pay for membership if no clan wanted a low level like me. But if my interview with you guys go well and you guys want to give me a shot I have no problem popping the membership bubble and start working my way up Thanks for more warm welcomes :)! I haven't forgotten! You'll hear from me soon If anyone has any questions feel free to drop me the question here or in Discord!
  12. Reedtrullz00

    Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Reedtrullz What is your current RS name? Reedtrullz00 List any previous RS names: I've come back to Runescape after many years and I do not remember the name of my original account. What is your total level and combat level? My total level is 618 while my combat level is 75. Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I first started playing Runescape back in I belive it was 2005 or 2006 where I played casually with my school classmates. At the time I was almost purely a skiller and my only goal in the game was to have more funds than my other classmates. But back then my interest started to dwindle as my playstyle did not make for a lot of great interactions with my friends and other players, so I got tired of Runescape and started playing World of Warcraft instead. Now after playing WoW on and off for several years I really want to try to get back into RS again. It's very nostalgic to play this game again and it is way more enjoyable then what I first anticipated. As you can see in the screenshot I uploaded I was member for a short while but did not resubscribe. This is because for 3 weeks a couple of friends of mine were interested in playing RS with me, but their interest dwindled because they were more interested in games like Grand Theft Auto. So what I feel I and my character really need is a friendly community to play with to retain and build interest in this game! My current character I'm planning to build in all ways. I want it to have quite high combat skills while also levelling up whatever skill I want to level up that day. I want to be dynamic and able to do all things the game has to offer! Tell us about your clan history. Tell us about your yourself. My name is Reidar and I'm a 23-year-old man from Norway. I currently work as an Apple authorized service technician for a quite big firm in Norway. What I've been doing at my job the last months is purely replacing batteries because Apple chose to pull a fast one on all iPhone users and underclock their devices, hehe! Some of the main hobbies I feel like I've always been doing is video games and music related stuff. In the gaming department its mainly computer games, but lately I've also tried to get some mobile gaming fitted into my gaming schedule as well. I try to play games on everything one would not call a console "even though I own several of those as well". The music hobby varies between playing on my kazoo to trying to recreate some old classic masterpieces into for example an orchestra piece with software on the computer. I'm not really sure what more information I should cram into this box. If you guys have any questions I'd rather you'd feel free to ask me later! I'm always up for a chat How did you hear about us? I heard about you via Google. I googled "OSRS casual clan" What makes you want to join us? I'd like to join your clan as it seems like a perfect mix between casual and active at the same time. Even though you are a big clan who would like to be active and have high-level players, you still make space for more casual players who might need a less steep learning curve and who might not have as much time to use on the game but at the same time uphold the possibility to up ones game if one wants to. The second reason I'd like to join your clan is because of the reason I mentioned in the "Runescape account and history"-box. I'd like to be part of a community that will encourage me to play and help me figure out what to do and how to better myself if I'm struggling within the game. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: The original account I was referring to in the "RuneScape account and history"-box was banned due to botting. It became so important to me to have more funds than my friends in the game that I resorted to botting to get an advantage. After growing up more and playing some more video games and been part of several online communities I've learned to accept that I will rarely be the best player in my community and that I should embrace the way and not only the goal.