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  1. Sh0resy

    Keeg Sanchez

    Alabama. Assume you're a big bass guy?
  2. I've experienced it first hand and I've also battled depression for most of my life. It's not a joke. And i'm with you, if anyone needs someone to talk to, just pm me as well.
  3. I think this might get people more interested, especially the skillers.
  4. Sh0resy

    [Accepted] Pyf

    Why try got his boys comin outta the wood work god damn
  5. Holy fuck i haven't updated this in a while. Notes: -Now 2k. -Over 200 CoX KC -blah blah blah Next goals: -Proficient melee skipping CoX/Learn Solo's -Learn CoX CMs -Learn ToB -Go for Inferno
  6. Just realized how small my arms are now. Fucking Covid. Thanks Obama
  7. Feeling poor as fuck lately. Thanks 99 prayer.
  8. I know you did the baguette. You live in NZ. Amazing trout fly fishing. World class. Train two skills at once. IRL fly fish for trout and cook it.
  9. I'm at 2/4 right now. Going to hopefully catch some little creek brookies tomorrow hoping to finish the challenge in the next couple of weeks. Fuck man that's a slab. I can't wait. Doing the san juan for 4 days, animas for 2 and dolores for 2.
  10. We're going to get along very well. I fly fish frequently (just started 2ish years ago). Can't claim any true trophy fish yet on a fly rod, but I've got a trip planned to the San Juan for October. Not alot of big trout here in AZ by I definitely get out and catch alot of wild browns and bows.
  11. Sh0resy

    [Accepted] Mr Mask

    Welcome back brother.
  12. Fuckin welcome back my dude
  13. As many of you know, I resigned as officer a bit back and have been pretty inactive. Depression is a bitch and Covid hasn't helped. Was supposed to go to europe, start having kids, blah blah blah. I needed to re-find myself and i have. I started hiking/ fly-fishing again almost every weekend and it's helped. My advice for anyone who is going through shit, get outdoors (obviously responsibly away from other people) and enjoy nature. Shameless plug of my new blog https://fisheverythingaz.wordpress.com/blog-2/
  14. Chadly "Chad" Tankington Will continuously talk shit to you while tanking your team. Afterwards he'll pull your IP address, slide in your moms DM's and take her to pound town. 9 months later, you'll have a new step brother and you'll be calling him daddy.
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