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  1. Actually a piece i was going for too
  2. Welcome back man
  3. Fucking shit. All those alchs and seeds. Might camp those on my iron. Need to get 70 prayer as well.
  4. Keep your head up and get some help bro. Your life is worth more than that bullshit.
  5. Welcome to the thunderdome bitch. Jk welcome back
  6. Just wanted to update my progress since last time. 69 levels from 2k now. Making some good progress in the last couple of weeks as i'm actually attempting to grind some skilling. Goals in the near future are: -New boss -Grinding CoX KC -Hitting 2k
  7. Jason Isbell is absolutely amazing.
  8. Sh0resy

    [Accepted] swifter

    New phone who dis
  9. Sh0resy

    [Accepted] Bry4n

    Hahaha finally nub
  10. Runecrafting. Agility 2nd. Anything i can't get over 100k an hour xp pisses me off.
  12. TBH losing weight. I played club and high school soccer and have always been in great shape but I gained some weight in college from not working out and drinking heavily. I've started eating better in the last year and hitting the gym more. I've dropped 50 or so pounds in the last year and a half. Now sitting at 6'00" 195. I feel like i have way more energy and just healthier overall.
  13. Very true. Been doing a little wintertodt here and there. Currently working on slayer. Almost 2 str levels the last few days and also picked up an attack level. Going to burst a bit more, especially on task to hit 94.
  14. I know it's youtube but i like Framed. He has some good content and he's funny. Sometimes I'll watch sparc too.
  15. Wintertodt for FM. Make a little bit of money too
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