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  1. What's your path of progression? I wanna make an educated guess.
  2. I'd like to use this as evidence as a reason to NOT allow gwap back into WG
  3. Hey guys, I got a new idea for a PvM Bingo event, inspired from gunschilli video. 2-3 teams, with corresponding captains, who pick their team from registered players, alternating between picks. Team size ideally would be around 8-10, but participation will affect those numbers (not a hard limit, just ideal, will scale tiles to team sizes). Please take a moment to look at the board in the link below, as well fill out the google form. I'm aiming to have this competition start in January or February. Clarifications - Skilling tiles are divided amongst the whole team, not just 1 person. So if there are 10 people on the team, and they each get 300k Slayer xp, then the team would complete that tile. - all the tiles in all of the columns CAN be shared across the team, 1 person can get 2 pieces of a barrows set, and another teammate can finish the set for that tile. - Zulrah is both fangs, serp and onyx - Tiles are based off of drop rate, not monetary value, so the gauntlet items are weighted and balanced around corrupted gauntlet drop rates -It's okay if you have no raids/nightmare experience, I plan to run learner events for both cox and tob, as I think frog also does learner nightmare events. Thanks everyone https://forms.gle/nYX2AK7AamQbJ1jd9
  4. Yooo I wanna partake in this! I am a D&D nerd
  5. Hey WG members! I wanted to gauge the level of interest in certain PvM content and organize events around them! I've made a google form for you to fill out if you'd be so kind. This would be massively helpful for someone like me and probably the leadership team, to get a better idea of what kinds of learner event I could host, or other higher tier PvM content would bring our community closer! https://forms.gle/w1hybsxbcch3Fdey5 I appreciate any and all who fill this out.
  6. o mew

    [Declined] B e w b i

    very nice guy, met him at black demons in kourend. Glad to see your app my friend! If your schedule permits the pk trips, or if you want to schedule your own, there are people in all of the time zones who pk. I hope you enjoy your time here!
  7. this is @DugDimDomes cousin, and a friend of mine from an old clan! Glad to see a familiar name! Welcome bud!
  8. o mew

    [Accepted] Terpyy

    Welcome to the family! I'm big into raids, the raids scene is a little small, but we're growing as I flex my collection log. If you ever wanna learn, I can teach both Chambers of Xeric, as well as Challenge Mode! I'm looking to learn ToB right now, as well as grind out the inferno cape 1st kc. Feel free to hop in voice if you see me around!
  9. o mew

    Infernal Cape Grind

    You have way too much confidence in me my friend. It's not too late to guess a higher number
  10. INFERNAL CAPE GRIND GIVEAWAY - I'm going for my first infernal cape! I will be doing a 15m giveaway for whomever can guess how many attempts it will take me to get it. You must guess by leaving a comment with your guess. Winner is decided via price is right rules, that is, the closest without going over. (If there were a guess of 41 and 48, and it took me 47, 41 would win) I will update with attempts each time via a screenshot of progress via updating this post. Current # of attempts: 4 Died to Ranger/Blob stack, didn't flick correctly. Technically did 3 attempts, one death at wave 7 for being a complete tard, and 14 for, well, being a complete tard
  11. I'm looking to run some learner raids, but I'd like to get an idea of what time of day works best for people. I'm not going to specify a day, since the day of the week usually isn't constant for most people. Please let me know which of these options works best for people (only times I can run them myself). If you have a day of week that works for me, please PM or comment t your day of week preference! Thanks all, and hope to see you in some learner raids! NOTE: THE TIMES ARE IN EST, IM NOT SURE IF IT SHOWS IT IN YOUR TIME OR NOT. https://doodle.com/poll/eqfhfzwide4446uw
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