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  1. Welcome to forums goodluck on your application
  2. Welcome to the forums! goodluck!
  3. Very interesting topic! current games im playing right now on PC include: 1. OSRS 2. Overwatch 3. Witcher 3 wild hunt Phone games: 1. Hearthstone, but i guess this is also a pc game
  4. hey welcome to the forums and goodluck on your application!
  5. welcome to the forums Chris! goodluck on application
  6. welcome to the forums! glad to see your interest! goodluck on app!
  7. hey welcome to the forums! goodluck on your application!
  8. oh the dreaded lag haahah i can definitely agree, one of my most hated things... a long with bad RNG lul
  9. Hey! Im glad u decided to join! hahah goodluck on application! XD
  10. Hey! i see u want to get into rev pking! i do too! i usually just go with a friend and we always get destroyed by clans hahahah goodluck on application!
  11. Glad to have you in forums! goodluck on application and if u get in we can definitely do some bandos!
  12. Hey welcome to WG forums! glad to see new people always applying! goodluck on app!
  13. welcome to the forums! goodluck on your application!
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