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  1. I see you have a cat. If we bring our cats to barrows, do we get extra credit?
  2. WG Glaucon


    Thank you for applying. The app managers generally want more detail on the application, so it isn't low effort. You can see a sample here, with comments in the comments section regarding how much detail is acceptable. Thank you for considering Wilderness Guardians!
  3. There will be a Barrows event tomorrow, if anyone is interested.
  4. What classes are you taking? What is the material like?
  5. I am the one who referred you to us. Glad to see that you decided to join the clan!
  6. Best way to 2k total is to vote for warding and get level 66 warding!
  7. For people who voted no to question 1 and yes to question 2, exactly what features would a new skill need to have? In what ways does warding fail to have those features? What alternative skill might you propose instead of warding that suits OSRS? In what ways is this alternate proposal superior to the warding proposal?
  8. Yes to all questions, except for Pado set, skilling rings, and minigame questions. I voted no for those.
  9. You are a male zelda?
  10. You know any good audiobooks of Plato's Republic or other Platonic dialogues?
  11. https://lichess.org/THJUnc2kwn08
  12. Does anyone know the gp/hr of using dragon hunter lance instead?
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