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  1. Doc Cassidy


    welcome! great app =D
  2. Doc Cassidy

    ste v0

    Welcome !
  3. Doc Cassidy

    just a snek

    welcome! Zulrah is my favorite or second favorite pvm boss; good taste! Hope to see you in the rev caves soon =D
  4. Doc Cassidy


    welcome ! Nice cb and total levels mate; you sure you wanna pvm?? pvp squad looking for some muscle =P
  5. Doc Cassidy

    Lit rick

    welcome! I have also recently been on a mission to get better at pvp; been camping the Last Man Standing beta for a few days now. Hope to clap some newbs with ya soon mate =D
  6. Doc Cassidy


    welcome Nick! great name (mine is also nick =D); keep trying at Jad! took me quite a few attempts before i finally got that fire cape but it is soooooooo worth it !!
  7. welcome! i also just got myself out of the nmz...such a blessing to know you dont have to go back there =D
  8. Doc Cassidy


    welcome =D
  9. welcome =D congratz on ds2! i still have to finish that quest myself...
  10. Doc Cassidy

    dux my sick

    welcome ! You said you stats are bad, nah man, they pretty solid! took me a long time to get my total level past 1700; hope to grind some skill with you soon =D
  11. Doc Cassidy

    Cgm digga

    welcome =D Time to really learn more about ya: you play chess?
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