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  1. Definitely go into some detail about who you are, why you play, or what you enjoy doing when you play, goals, etc. Other than that, glad you found us and GL
  2. blumpkin name is killing me lol lol
  3. Darq Laydee

    [Accepted] Cinnanoms

    CT SPY!! Also, nice app. Also, Also, Welcome back
  4. Darq Laydee

    [Declined] NNJA

    As Mojo said, religion doesnt matter here and hostilities based on such isnt allowed. Best of luck on the app, love the name!
  5. We do lots of pk'ing and seem to average at least 2 a day (most days). There are also PVM'ers that do regular trips to various bosses, and if you dont see an event that catches your eye, you can always make your own event. join discord and cc, there is always someone to talk to!
  6. Hey Welcome aboard, and gratz on the upcoming nuptials! Dont stress about not pk'ing, it is never required, and there are plenty of PVM'ers that you can join up with, and monthly skill competitions you can take part in if you choose. Nothing is required to participate in, but highly encouraged. (You will have some small, easily achievable requirements to do once your app is accepted, and the app manager will link you everything you need). Good luck on the app, and thank you for your service!
  7. Happy Birthday and welcome to WG! We have some pro bank standing in here, to maximize those xp wastes! We also have other stuff that is actually fun too
  8. LMFAO most ridiculous reason for a mute ever, but also hilarious. Welcome to WG
  9. Oh, it will happen, trust me, they are not shy about screaming at us fail mages It's good motivation to NOT do it often tho lol
  10. We have loads of people that PVM and even more that PVP so you will find a group to fit in with easily! Welcome aboard
  11. Hey, and welcome to WG forums, but those links ^^ is what you want to check out to join! I hope that helps!
  12. Instantly like this guy, due to his name. My son is also Camron (spelled the same). Welcome aboard!
  13. yay another girl welcome aboard
  14. this is what I pictured when I read Pinkpuppy, lol , hello and welcome!
  15. Totally forgot about that, it is on my "need to watch" list! It looks really good!!!
  16. YAY another female, soon we will outnumber the guys and take over the clan and then the WORLD!! (Insert insane Brain laugh here, and if you dont get that, you are too young kids!)
  17. I was expecting this to go in a WHOLE different way, by the title. I was thinking "ok he found out Vorky is harder than he expected and cant do it yet" or on the other end "He was disappointed that Vorkath is much easier than he thought and wasnt a challenge at all".....I can honestly say this is NOT what I expected at all, lol!!
  18. Darq Laydee


    That is definitely strange, what is it from?!
  19. American Horror Story The 100 The 4400 Santa Clarita Diet Umbrella Academy House Once Upon a Time Hemlock Grove Dexter Chuck Orange is the New Black Supernatural 13 Reasons Why Chambers The Haunting of Hill House Stranger Things The End of the F*cking World Dark These are all shows I've either already watched, or on my "need to watch" list. There are others that I cant think of ATM, but I prefer horror/supernatural/medical stuff usually. Or, anything that makes you go WTF lol
  20. If you ever want to learn, there are plenty of combat hungry people here that would be happy to teach you! Most important thing is to have fun though, and if skilling is enjoyable for you, keep at it!
  21. Welcome aboard, do you do any skilling based bosses, such as wintertotd?
  22. Darq Laydee

    [Accepted] M15

    Goodluck on app, you silly troll. Also, Pineapple Juice is MY safeword, not yours!!
  23. Slayer is def the best non PVP thing to do, welcome!
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