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  1. Right so to start off this story I was looking through the slayer musiq quest order and procrastinating over questing for barrows gloves but then I saw ds2 and decided to watch the guide..... ofc I only wanted to see vorkath at the end but to my surprise some other dragon was there! And so I popped onto the cc to ask at what point is vorkath in the quest and I found out he was just a failed experiment!! Then it dawned on me ... you all are doing daily Vorkath runs and bc he’s a failure you can easily kill him however , I just needed to express my feelings on how horrible you are to him. Day in day out he’s getting killed and he’s already a failure so how do you think that makes him feel? Yea he’s obviously very upset most of the time and yet you still kill him. Honestly I think you should all go on strike against those people who hurt vorkaths feelings all the time bc he needs someone to be kind to him.
  2. I thought of this idea whilst in game as my first forum post ... ofc it’s a pinned thread lol
  3. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. Mycatweed What is your current RS name? Mycatweed List any previous RS names: What is your total level and combat level? Total level at the time of application - 858 Combat level is 65 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I started playing with the release of mobile quickly gave up osrs and forgot about it. Eventually about ~4 weeks ago I was lured back to osrs after seeing some pvp. And from then I started as f2p slowly working my way up to a bond then getting scammed out of my bank (2.6mil at the time) but slowly I managed to work my way up until I got sick of f2p and decided to take the 7 day free trial for members which I did and almost instantly grinding a ton of fletching and over the course of the week I’ve gone from 1.5mil to 4mil which I just spent 3.9mil on a bond. My display name is a shortened version of mycatpissedinmybed where you guessed it my cat pissed in my bed (it happened like 2 years ago almost at this point) Tell us about your clan history. I have hung out in smallexplamp’s cc for the last week or two but I only really asked questions about the game. Tell us about your yourself. Name - Fred Gender-Male Country-UK Education-Currently Secondary School Age-15 (16 in 2 months) Hobbies -Video games? -Favourite game is most definitely Sekiro it’s just so fucking good (Have platinumed it)(Also don’t want to spoil the final fight so I’ll be very vague but anyway the final fight is most definitely the best in the game..... the fighting feels just amazing especially with how the boss has been designed) -MTG -Mainly play Commander/Pauper but do occasionally play modern but refuse to play any standard -DND -Due to where I live it’s often hard to find people to play with however I’ve managed to. Thing is my group is shit honestly I’m probably gonna quit soon. I’m trying to help the dm with playing the game by going after characters as if they had secret intentions but he doesn’t play into that and I am often shunted out of the decisions as we are railroaded to do x and it’s just shit Likes -Love Bloodborne and sekiro + dark souls 2 -Enter the Gungeon and TBOI: Rebirth are very nice to -Mtg -DND -Board games (managed to get a used copy of gloomhaven for £40 the other day:) ) -I’ll shamefully admit to liking Naruto and have liked other anime in the past -I fell in love with Brooklyn NineNine the other week and now am rewatching it -And to Round of the likes section I just generally like music. I definitely lean towards more heavy metal but I’ve been listening to the Beatles all day so I don’t have many preferences -Also Salt and Vinegar Pringles Dislikes -While a bit cliche in my opinion, I dislike current pop music, rap etc -Can’t really think of anything else off the top of my head How did you hear about us? Just found you googling for ccs to join and got told had to apply to do events and the like What makes you want to join us? The sense of community compared to other ccs which there definitely is but it just seems like you’re all pretty good with each other I don’t know And also so I can grow as a player / play with others Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I can come off with the cringey your mum joke I ask quite a few questions and that might become annoying I can’t think of anything else but I’m sure there’s more we all have more than a few imperfections
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