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  1. Good luck on your app bud.
  2. What is this exchange work you did? I’m curious what was being exchanged?
  3. “Cleaner than a window cleaner.” Well it’s good to see we have another comedian joining our ranks. Jk gl on app
  4. Lmao. I was wondering you were so chill lol. Don’t forget and I support you when the time comes
  5. Welcome back m8 I missed you
  6. If y’all don’t know already shame on you. I’m a full time Cook.
  7. What’s with your profile picture...... What is that?
  8. Good luck on the app man.
  9. Gustomo Osrs? Lmao nah what up lol my ex was Filipino so I know some Tagalog just the bad words. Lmfao!!! Welcome man.
  10. Bot scum! Jk gl on your application buddy see ya soon.
  11. Haha good to see your app Vic hope to see you in our ranks sooon
  12. Lmao queen talking trash about my boy at raidsssss Lmao I just realized if you pay close attention you can see me getting grilled for using orks to kc bandos.
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