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  1. Great application, In depth, the way it should be. Best of luck!
  2. Good Luck, Add a little more details to your application and I don't see why you wouldn't be accepted! More is better
  3. Good luck on your application!
  4. Good Luck on your application m8!
  5. VapeRSRepeat


    Good Luck! Big Clan history!
  6. That's my point, you never once saw me disagree with, or bash or throw names at anyone here with difference in opinions. I simply stated my point, was talking to people that I agreed with. Just to get labeled a conspiracy theorist. I'm not offended, but this mentality is exactly what governments and media want, is divide, blacks vs whites, jews vs muslims, etc. It's all a way for governments to gain power, if the people are divided.
  7. Not once, in this thread, or anywhere else, Have I ever called you close minded..... This is what I'm talking about, you labeled me a conspiracy theorist, and now are claiming I said things I didn't say... lol... this is why I don't even often debate these topics with people. And JUST like I stated, you won't even watch the video and give it a chance....
  8. You can feel you "rested your case" I will continue to question the evil government, and evil media alike, and you can chose to believe them, I won't throw labels your way to discredit you, because I learned better than to do that. If you want to watch a good video, of an analysis of a very intellectually gifted man, that speaks truth. Watch this, I doubt you will, but if you actually listen with an open mind, then you may or may not think differently on certain subjects. Again, I doubt you will watch it, as most who are set in their ways are not willing to think outside of their box...
  9. Regardless, the point is not valid, when it is fact that the media and government has used horrific acts of violence to push agendas. Anyone that questions the government is labeled a conspiracy theorist, that is how they protect their shady and evil practices, and turn society against each other. Edit: If I confirm that I am a conspiracy theorist, you and many others will use that to dismiss my sentiments, therefor I will not answer that question. Because I don't feel like those that question the government are automatically wrong. That is my answer.
  10. The media has been lieing to and deceiving not only American's but the whole world since the 1950s. Look into operation Paperclip. It is not conspiracy, it is 100% fact. With all due respect, I don't think labeling others as conspiracy theorists, because they share different views than yours, is a viable or proper argument nowadays.
  11. Well said, I live in New Jersey. Gun laws here or trash. I'm considering moving to Nevada or Arizona, or Possibly Texas in the next couple of years, I'm over this area, lived here most my life, and the politicians are fucking morons coming to guns rights. Unfortunately in America, with all these media manufactured mass shootings... it seems it will only get worse, especially in Blue States....
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