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  1. Gz my man, now get your hunter & slayer up;)
  2. Same, I've been using this game as a "therapy", it has kept me on my senses many times so I'm emotionally attached to it. Thanks for the love in your comment Hard not to enjoy talking to you, you're amazing as a person. Good to count with you my man It's always hard to be open about it, there's many emotions when the subject about "speaking about yourself" comes up, everyone takes it different, it's sad that stuff like that has caused trouble to the clan, I hope it doesn't happen again, and those whoever are in need, may reach out to other people here in order to help themselves and the clan at the same time.
  3. Hey everyone, some of you may know how big of a deal mental health is for me, and as someone who's been struggling for a long time, I'd like to say to anyone out there needing help that you're not alone. I've met great people in this game and in this clan (shoutout to you @MsFreakyFrog), even the slightest act of kindness or progress in my account (lvling up, achieving goals, etc) has made me smile and keep fueling me on trying to get better. Anyways, if you think you need help or that you want to talk about something, feel free to pm me in game or discord, I'm always down to help other people, specially when it's about mental health. Hope everyone has a great day.
  4. Welcome bud, that's a nice application:)
  5. Big fat (like the 0's over there) gz man
  6. Banish

    [Accepted] Bry4n

    Wow you applied, this is amazing
  7. Banish

    [Accepted] Intralism

    That's a huge app with plenty of details man, welcome:) hope you enjoy your stay and you get to join us in our events
  8. Banish

    [Accepted] 0 sped 0

    An english teacher? Nice, we'll share professions in a couple of years:), anyways welcome to wg mate
  9. Welcome man, adding a bit more about yourself could be a "boost" to your application, but I hope to see you on some events
  10. Banish

    [Declined] castrojq

    Hey man, welcome, just like birdy and msfreakyfrog said adding more information (such as yourself outside runescape, what do you like to do, favourite skill, when did you started playing, etc.) would give you more chances of being part of the clan:)
  11. Banish

    [Accepted] chinstar

    Lots of details in your app (nice clan history btw), that's good to see:) and welcome bud
  12. Great application man, welcome to the forums.
  13. Welcome man, hope you get to apply so you become part of the clan:)
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