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  1. Welcome my dude, hope to see you in clan and in learners events:)
  2. No way you actually forgot the keyword
  3. Based on your suggestion, I started asking grand guardians (gg perk btw) and former botw winner for any suggestions, there's a poll in the grand guardian channel in case you want to give it a look.
  4. Depends on the hosting, if I do it again I'll ask grand guardians and/or the winner of last comp
  5. B1urry the mvp, welcome my guy
  6. my man, finally decided to apply welcome and hope you stick around
  7. God damn this is a very detailed app, welcome man
  8. Banish

    [Accepted] V8 G8

    -pts on calling football pitch a soccer field.
  9. Banish

    [Accepted] Mepsi

    Very complete app, though you should be given -pts on calling football soccer
  10. Nice and very complete application man, gl and hope you enjoy the clan
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