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  1. First purple for comp, ez 10 points. Thanks @Lillefigo @WG Dug @Sh0resy @Scitcher
  2. Welcome back, glad to meet you!
  3. castiel

    [Accepted] Q XO

    Hey Q! Glad you came over! I'm sure you'll love it here bud.
  4. Here lies klod, dead to getting walked on by Tekton. Not by getting hit, no, that would be too honorable. He got walked on for 2 hp, and died.
  5. This is my buddy, he's a good guy. Would be awesome to have him here.
  6. "I'm not gonna brew" he says right before dying. This is what happens when greedy bois and girls
  7. @WG Maiar that was @Lunar_Intel
  8. @TheKlodster and I did a raid in the morning, and we got a twisted bow drop. (I carried in points, but 0 death
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