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  1. Meulendijks4

    Flux screwing up this entire game ayyy Doesn't state in the rules so the word should still be 'told'
  2. Meulendijks4

    ur Finnish, you don't even realize how good you are going to be at this game. Welcome
  3. Meulendijks4

    haha pretty fun to watch, well done!
  4. Meulendijks4

    Hi there, pretty sure I've been in touch with you regarding events with/against Clan Europe. Welcome here
  5. Meulendijks4

    Meulendijks4 What is your current RS name? Meulendijks4 List any previous RS names: Dutchguyftw (2014?) awkward. My friend did it, more info about that later on My stats: http://sigs.vksoft.eu/oldschool/blue/no/Meulendijks4.png Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. I've started playing this game when I was 12 years old on and off, even though I've never fully quit in my opinion, I've quit for several months which meant that I didn't log in at all but in the past few years I've at least logged in on a monthly basis and often daily. My username is actually the surname of an old friend who originally created this account, I've shared this account with him and I started playing on it when it was cb 7. He has quit many years ago and since then I've been the only owner. I don't really have a favourite skill. I'm a completionist on rs3 and 125 cb on 07, it used to be 1100 total on 125 cb as it was a Nightmare Zone account (trained legit) just for warring in Clan Wars with several teams and a clan I was or still am part of. Tell us about your clan history. I've been recruited to Clan Europe in 2012, an F2P warring continent-clan. Prior to that I was never willing to join a team or clan as back then, I believed that I didn't want anyone within the game decide for me what I have to do at what time. Later on I wanted to enjoy warring myself and it didn't feel like a must-do. I've been leader of Clan Europe for a year as well. I have had my own clan wars team (Elusive) which I've founded with a friend last year and was one of the best teams around if not the best at some point. We were forced to close due to there being barely any activity left in the F2P warring scene. I've been part of a main clan called Forsaken but ended up leaving them for several reasons, with the main reason of me being involved with too many evenings being war-packed and their activities in wilderness which I did not enjoy attending. I've been part of many more and if you're somehow really interested, let me know Tell us about your yourself. the name's Lars, 23 years old from The Netherlands, about to graduate and will then look for a job. I enjoy playing tennis and go to house/dance festivals. Up to a few years ago I was going out frequently with friends but last years we prefer visitting a few festivals per year instead of going out often. How did you hear about us? don't know, I've met Mojo in Clan Europe in 2012 and probably via him? No clue. His Lordship #1 What makes you want to join us? HIS LORDSHIP. *ahem* I honestly don't know, maybe it's Mojo, just for fun really. I'm #1 WG fan, Mojo can vouch for me there. Can't promise I'll stick around and if I end up disappearing then I won't take the blame for it as I've mentioned it right here. but I won't do any harm either. I'm a competitive person and it's not what I'll find here for sure. Doesn't have to be an issue though would it? It feels stranger and stranger why I'm doing this after I've said this l0l Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: I've got Mojo's sister on Facebook. This is true. But he knows Can't promise that I'll try my best integrating either, we'll see how it goes if accepted. I'd consider myself as a high-end player and I realise most of you guys here aren't and has never been the case for the last 5 years at least. Leave a reply if you want to know anything, don't be shy I don't bite, yet.
  6. Meulendijks4

    Meulendijks4 Tell us about yourself. I'm Lars, 23 years old, been part of WG for a couple weeks in the past for laughs and giggles really. Helped out with calling in wars as there were none. Clan history. all about WG baby How did you hear about us? lol who didn't hear about the almighty WG Do you plan to join? who knows Any last comments? I heard this clan stands for very high quality and only allows the best people within the game.