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  1. WG Dug


    Welcome officially, to the clan and a deeper side of it. I go raiding all the time so, i'm looking forward to seeing you there! Goodluck with the application
  2. WG Dug

    0 5 5

    Lmao and it was on the current trip? That’s hilarious, welcome Colin. Plenty pk opportunities here! You’ll smite plenty AGS’s back yourself with us
  3. I'm an easy man to please, taco or wings. Everytime But favorite type of food is absolutely italian food, weird cause neither of my #1s are italian
  4. WG Dug


    Idk DugDigDome but I knew a DugDimDome. Good guy, great guy
  5. WG Dug

    chop city

    Welcome chop! Sorry about that hack and ban, pretty rough to come back too
  6. Those are dope frog, Kris is my fav one. All of em have meaning too seems like good ones at that
  7. Congratulations on the daughter Mask, awesome to see
  8. You’re a tattoo artist? That’s dope I wish I good enough/artistic enough to do that I’m jealous lol
  9. Just curious what kind of tattoos everyone has, if any or ideas/plans to come? Been seeing alot lately from other members in the CC and I love them myself, I have 11 and counting and will have to get some pictures in after work. I always loved seeing the work on others and the things they like/want.
  10. I eat crayons for a living working for the government and waiting to hear if they'll let me keep eating the crayons or not. No side hustles but looking into it more and more just to get more money.
  11. WG Dug


    Nice app and welcome to the clan, best of luck with the application and graduation process. Look forward to seeing you pking and hopefully do some raids together, sorry about the hijack and bank loss but hey that agility and pet isn’t bad lol
  12. We do plenty of wildy boss pvming/anti pking events, you'll love em if you haven't been already
  13. WG Dug


    Welcome to WG, i'm sure your first clan experience will be a good one, good luck with the app!
  14. Plenty of pking going on here, daily trips really, all sorts of options, glad to see you put in an app, goodluck with the process and look forward to seeing you out there pking!
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