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  1. can i post this to social media? i think its great for recruitment tbh
  2. Support, welcome back dude
  3. Dude right? i thought it would be pretty lame, what a suprise!
  4. yea i still try to use zybez or runehq for stuff, im a creature of habit i guess. pretty bummed that such a great site is closing.
  5. Welcome to the shit show dude
  6. Right now I’m up to date with overlord and how not to summon a demon lord. I’m enjoying both a lot. Other than that always been a huge fan of toonamis old lineup, outlaw star, tenchi muyo, cowboy bebop, flcl, dbz, and the gundam shows.
  7. Support as always buddy welcome back
  8. Man im all for ya coming back into the fold, i very much believe in second chances. would you seek another leadership position in the clan knowing how the last one you held ended up causing a bit of drama? i vote yes on you coming back though. : )
  9. i like it man, looks good. thanks for adding an occult for me :-)
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