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  1. H58

    [Declined] [delete]

    Welcome maybe add a bit more info in your application.
  2. Good, sadly twitch is too big to become irrelevant but the site is trash and people who run twitch are even more so. Ninja just got his retirement money . I checked out this mixer site and it feels good idk if many people will switch though, we will see.
  3. H58

    Rate my alt!

    looking good! should bring in decent amount of gps
  4. I used to play a shit ton of airsoft couple years back in high school, paintball was never really big in my country but it always seemed interesting. You play a lot?
  5. Welcome, you can post your application here: https://www.wildernessguardians.com/forums/forms/2-join-the-wilderness-guardians/
  6. Welcome :D, there are always chances to try pvp in our clan too if you are interested in trying it out!
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