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  1. H58

    Mobile gaming has pros now too ?
  2. Not sure what he even does, but I know that he's the only one (?) that knows pvp scene a bit more so it would be decent to see him get a promotion but yeah Ash is probably better fit to replace mat k.
  3. I would be good to see Archie step up too, we would potentially have more pvp updates with him on the "lead".
  4. H58

  5. H58


    Freedom of speech!! we can say what we want Vio is traitor he does not deserve love over here, I heard even his cats don't like him
  6. H58

    https://www.reddit.com/r/BankTabs/top/?sort=top&t=month I'm sure you will find something good on that link.
  7. H58

    Ah yeah I forgot about that, Updated it.
  8. H58

    I'm sufficiently salty
  9. H58

    these two idiot writers ruining amazing show
  10. H58

  11. Changed name from reetardedd on main to H59. I will try to restrain myself to name changes in the future but it's hard when it's free to do so
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  13. H58

    what's up kitty, reached your quarter life crisis ?