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  1. Welcome, you can post your application here: https://www.wildernessguardians.com/forums/forms/2-join-the-wilderness-guardians/
  2. H58

    Im Squishyy

    Welcome :D, there are always chances to try pvp in our clan too if you are interested in trying it out!
  3. Welcome, you might want to expand on your app a bit
  4. If we do one book a month I might have time Some of my fav books were: All the bright places - Jennifer Niven The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy - Douglas Adams Cats cradle - Kurt Vonnegut and a whole bunch of "self help" books, I mostly read non fiction or should I say used to. It's hard for me to find time these days to read much but one book a month is kinda standard for me at the moment.
  5. H58

    Broken Raft

    Welcome, app is looking good
  6. H58

    Chris Spiegl

    @Yass Queeen is correct but it's not fully implemented yet. Welcome
  7. H58

    [Accepted] slosmrkl

    Welcome, good luck on the app.
  8. It's good 1v1 practice I don't think I will be making any money when full release comes out tho. I won a game here and there but I still suck way too much lol
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