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  1. HAHA Nice name, welcome and good luck.
  2. Hello welcome, and good luck with your app.
  3. Welcome brian, good luck
  4. Welcome, and good luck with your app
  5. Welcome GL with the app
  6. This is why I have not been playing much this weekend. Been a busy project, but it looks good.
  7. Welcome to the clan, good luck with your application
  8. Welcome, may the luck be with you
  9. Welcome, Good luck with your app.
  10. Hey, Goodluck with your app. looking forward to seeing you at events.
  11. Hello, welcome. Good Luck with your application.
  12. ShosenElite

    [Declined] 200z

    Welcome, good luck with your app
  13. ShosenElite

    [Declined] T3SLA

    Good luck with the app
  14. Hey, welcome. First of all thank you for your service, and good luck with your app.
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