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  1. Kagy

    [Declined] DomeScape

    Good luck, hope to see ya around
  2. Kagy

    [Declined] C7F

    Good luck, app could use a little bit more meat in it
  3. Kagy

    [Accepted] Cinnanoms

  4. Kagy

    [Accepted] Lohow

    Welcome back, missed ya
  5. Kagy

    Hacked to Stacked

    Best of luck on the rebuild
  6. LMFaoooo im glad everyones like on the same page with farg...."lets see if he can do the shitest skills and get 99 l0l"
  7. Sooo decided finally get 70 agil and sell most of my bank then buy a T bow, to camp Sara, safe to say day one was good to me . Cheers to @baggy for coming along
  8. I'd suggest looking at some other applications and putting some effort in but best of luck.
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