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  1. Got my first CoX KC today. Shout out to @Schwag and @Generic Mate for the learner raid. Did I plank ? Yes, I got sat by olm 3 times . Vanguards was the first room and less difficult than I had thought it to be. It was pretty much smooth sailing from that point till olm started throwing a million tantrums in his room till he had to be sat down. As for the loot, got addy ores and dragon arrows for that bank loot. Was a fun event and would love to go on more CoX trips. Here's the link to Schwag's recap for the event :-
  2. Got a cox kc today :). Kinda got carried by Schwag and Generic especially at the olm fight . But it was fun nevertheless
  3. Went pking yesterday and got this boi risking half a mil with an ags as +1 at vetion. Got my biggest pk so far. Huge shout out to @Yasticaki for the callings on discord and @LazerVizionand @Skeet for being a part of the small man pk trip yesterday.
  4. Nice to hear that I'll put out a post and or ask in discord regarding the same. I do have the gear, the levels, can hop on a voice call and am eager to learn, so I shouldn't have any issues over there.
  5. Yup, working on my mage level to about 94/95 so I have access to all spells in the game and also a respectable mage level. Will get range mostly through bossing and slayer content since it's fast anyways. I did plan on buying a max poh along with the rigour+ augury but had a change of plans after I decided to go learn CoX. Gonna apply for graduation soon. I have all the requirements for it down I did buy CoX gear a couple of days ago and have been through the tutorial videos. Now to find people willing to take me through a couple of CoX runs assuming they don't nope the fuck out
  6. Got a Zulrah kill finally and was able to complete the hard western provinces diary. Shout out to WG Nap for suggesting me a better method than what I had in mind. It was braindead easy after that no doubt. Also got 77 prayer reaching 115cb and unlocked both rigour and augury for that awesome dps upgrade while becoming a bit broke in the process though . Kinda feels good to get all these gains put of the way and on my side now. Any suggestions for some short-mid term gains/improvements on my account ?
  7. Eyyy, now you're talking Yeah man. PC scape is gonna have way more QoL features but mobile osrs will always have a spot in my heart
  8. Please join our Discord server and read the #joining_wg channel to see the final step in the process. LeStrategist What is your current RS name? LeStrategist List any previous RS names: What is your total level and combat level? Total level : 1803 Combat level : 113 Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. Started a few days/weeks after mobile release. As for favourite activities, mostly into PvM inclined towards bossing. Currently inclined more towards PvP and learning how to get better at it. Oh, and btw, a mobile
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