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  1. Welcome to the forums! Seem like a very nice fella, andironman is so much fun to play as well!
  2. what clan? tell me more! doesn't feel like much effort, but welcome!
  3. welcome to the forums! I was around the runescape scene in 2007 when I first started.
  4. aye welcome to the forums! very nice introduction already! I have some folks of my own that live in Florida as well, and its a great state to have a vacation at now and then.
  5. you thought it was lody, but it WAS ME MUSICAL!!!!!! I declare MOJO IS NEXT!!
  6. MusicalStory

    [Accepted] USC CG

    Seems short of an application really...
  7. Well I see you don't agree to the rules and the fact that this is an honor clan..... that "NO" isn't gonna get you anywhere.
  8. Hello there, seem like a nice fellow!
  9. Don't have a picture, but mine is called Euphoria by Calvin Klein.
  10. MusicalStory

    [Accepted] Radar

    goodluck to ya
  11. Nice forums you got going on now @Mojo
  12. MusicalStory Tell us about yourself. 21 Years old, and studying to become a Computer Programming specialist, alongside with some other skills such as website creating and hacking (WHITE HAT!!!). I love to play games and Runescape is one of my favourites. Love to take care of animals and pets (Still want a cat though). Currently engaged to the love of my life so sorry ladies, but this man is taken and not available. ;P I have been playing this game since 2007 when the Halloween event came out and was able to obtain my first holiday item the Grim Reaper Hood. Clan history. Well when that clan system with the citadel and stuff came out I first joined up with the Jive Turkeys (Dead), and they were a community based clan that was friendly with many people to talk to. Second I joined was ABC... Think that clan is dead but it was alive as all get out when the clan system was thriving well. Transfered everything to old school and became one of the members of Wilderness Guardians. This clan taught me a few things such as how to PK in the wilderness, how to call as a Warlord, create events while being an Event Master, and how to kill bosses that I thought I would never kill. Current clan right now is Vanguard, and i'm enjoying how the clan is. How did you hear about us? Runescape Forums, Youtube, Zybez. Do you plan to join? Community Introduction! :D Any last comments? This clan is indeed a good clan to first learn how to PK in the wilderness even though it is a small clan. Expect to lose sets out in the wilderness and try not to Rag in the wilderness as much. Listen for calls (even though it can be very difficult to find piles, and if you can't I would suggest hitting a Mager). For everyone who joins the Wilderness Guardians hopefully we can become future friends!
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