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  1. i haven't watched game of thrones at all is it worth watching?
  2. behindmym4sk

    this is me during my trip in the caribbean on a 30 foot boat
  3. behindmym4sk

    . typed it in the wrong section sorry
  4. behindmym4sk

    haha good way to spend your boring day
  5. behindmym4sk

    looks really good, i wish my house inrl looked like that
  6. behindmym4sk

    Alexander but everyone just calls me alex or ali or willem or ali baba or axel
  7. behindmym4sk

    8hours thats some dedication right there! Congratz man
  8. behindmym4sk

    thanks i've read the discord on what to do now. it says i have to wait 48hours so i will wait a bit since it hasn't been 48 hours
  9. behindmym4sk

    Thanks guys. hope to see you all in game
  10. behindmym4sk

    Ialexrune What is your current RS name? Ialexrune List any previous RS names: Wesxa, i think had a few more but those were made so many years ago i kind of forgot + since i switched email in those years i can't retrace them back. What is your total level and combat level? My total level at the moment = 1265 and my combat level = 79 both of these will change a bit after today since im doing combat and some quests later today. Tell us about your RuneScape account and history. uhm i started about 9 years ago and came back a few years later, at the time i came back i made a new account and i named it ialexrune, this account ended being transferred to rs3 and then i quitted for a year or so and started playing again on the osrs server. (i don't remember the details from the last clan) Tell us about your clan history. i think i was in a clan before about a year ago but since i didn't play anymore i didn't really heard much from them (this was in rs3) i tried joining a Dutch clan but i never applied for that. Tell us about your yourself. hey, im Alex and im 23 years old i live in holland (deventer to study). i currently study archeology and i like it alot. i love to cook drink and play video games. i used to play football and field hockey and i worked as a pancake baker for about 2 years. i love to chat aswell so if you need anyone to talk to you can just talk to me :) How did you hear about us? Osrs Forum What makes you want to join us? i love the people that are in the clan, the've helped me out alot. And i heard you guys do alot of events which i love to be a part of. also because im a beginner at osrs and since they've helped me out so much i can't wait to get more info from them on how to improve myself in the game. Do you agree to the rules and requirements of WG and understand that this is an honour clan? Yes Come clean about anything that may deter us from accepting you: i've never had part in any of those things. (i don't even know how to do those things in the game, hopefully you guys can make me a bit aware on how people do these things)