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    Nice to see you apply mate! Reading your app really brought me down memory lane honestly. Fuck! Lol good luck with your app. Let's get you along on Pk trips soon!! 100% support this man he is an absolute legend!
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    Nice progress madcatz! ibanblaster is finished
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    Looks like you did waterfall quest maybe? Have you done the other melee xp reward quests? Tree gnome village, Fight arena, the grand tree, vampire Slayer? Also shadow of the storm gives 10k xp lamp for combat, maybe use that on range? You need the quest anyway if you're planning to get mith gloves. Temple from Ikov and Horror from the Deep also give decent xp rewards for ranged. I wrote a basic guide for quest and Skilling order for making a typical pure, check it out.
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    How much damage are you guys taking at Ammonite Crabs compared to Sand Crabs?
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    And he kept playing! What a legend! HAHAH
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    nice haul and that's only with average seeds
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    gratz on 94 mage man
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    Gz bro
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    Waddup G
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    nice pures man i especially like the 50 attack low prayer account
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    well done this is an amazing achievement! congrats i'm sure the grind was rough!!!
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    woodcut alt army ftw
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    Thanks Mini I added the bit about chinning to a note above the Monkey Madness quest.
  14. Sabre Ghost's Quick Pure Questing/Training Order Step by Step - Efficient Quest and Skilling Order! A few people in #osrs asked me to make a quick pure guide. Imagine we're on a PK trip and our lowest level is getting hit by pures. We all log out, and log in on 10-15 pures. BOOM!! FREE LOOT!!! If you guys want more details feel free to PM me or search on Youtube. I have a lot of experience questing/leveling accounts over the years and I've done these kind of quest sequences like 10-15 times. This guide is supposed to be straight to the point with only the bare bones info for quick step by step. Both F2P and P2P starting methods are focused on unlocking minimal cost splashing so you can constantly splash while you're AFK in between quests and training strength/ranged. Unlocking 40 ranged for d'hide vambs will allow you to get the negative mage bonus necessary (-65) to splash every spell while wearing vambs and full iron with a Smoke staff. Getting P2P straight away is more efficient and faster, but starting out in F2P is nice if you don't want to buy a bond until you really want to grind. It will allow you to splash your magic pretty high before you get members. Remember, this guide is the efficient quest and training order to create a sick PKing pure with minimal effort. So if you want Mith gloves, Crystal Bow, Anchor, etc. then do some of your own research in addition to this. Let's get started with the basics! Starting out in F2P: Starting out in P2P: 43 Prayer Train: Dragon Bones at Gilded Altar/Wildy Altar until level 43. Don't train past 43 until you know you've done all the prayer quests you want... you don't want to end up with a weird prayer level depending on if you want 45 or 52. View the OSRSWiki page: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Quest_experience_rewards#Prayer for quest XP rewards by skill type to make sure. For example the Ancient Mace quest gives 3k prayer xp. I'll put that quest line near the bottom. 40 Ranged + Ava's Attractor Train: Shortbow/Oak Shortbow on Chickens until level 10 Ranged. Train: Oak Shortbow on Cows until level 20 Ranged. Train: Mithril Darts on Sandcrabs/Slayer Task until level 30 Ranged. Train: 18 Slayer Train: 19 Crafting Train: 35 Woodcutting Quest: The Restless Ghost (Reward: 1.1k Prayer) Quest: Ernest The Chicken Quest: Priest In Peril (Reward: 1.4k Prayer, DT Req) Quest: Animal Magnetism (Req: 18 Slayer, 19 Crafting, 35 Woodcutting, 30 Ranged) Train: Mithril Darts w/ Attractor on Sandcrabs until level 40 Ranged. Range XP Reward Quests (I wanted to mention these here so you don't waste time getting 40 - 50 range tediously, when these quests can save a lot of time. Just do these quests at the right time for training efficiency with Agility/Thieving) Quest: Horror from the Deep ( is best done at 40~ ranged to take advantage of XP reward. It has an agility req with an efficient order. Do it after The Grand Tree. See below. Quest: Temple of Ikov is best done at 40~ ranged to take advantage of XP reward. It's a req for Desert Treasure, but it has a thieving req with an efficient order. See below. Splashing Quest: Imp Catcher (875 Magic) Quest: Witches Potion (325 Magic) Train: Strike Spells until level 13 Magic. (You could skip Imp Catcher and Witch's Potion if you want to just splash Air/Water/Earth Strike until level 13) Splash: Whenever you're AFK, splash Fire Strike with a Smoke Staff. It's best to have a high mage level so you can kill all these quest bosses very easily. Might as well splash to 75 for fire wave early on, and use Smoke Staff and Occult necklace! Melee Quest Order (with Horror from the Deep thrown in for efficiency) Quest: Waterfall Quest (Reward: 13.7k Attack and Strength, DT Req) Quest: Witches House (Reward: 6.3k HP) Quest: Vampire Slayer (Reward: 4.8k Attack) Quest: Tree Gnome Village (Reward: 11.4k Attack) Quest: Fight Arena (Reward: 12.1k Attack, 2.1k Thieving) Train: 20 Agility Quest: The Grand Tree (Req: 20 Agility (w/ Summer Pie) - Reward: 7.9k Agility (should get you lv 20 - 29 Agility), 18.4k Attack, 2.1k Magic) Train: 29 - 30 Agility Quest: Horror From the Deep (Req: 30 Agility (w/ Summer Pie), Barcrawl - Reward: 4.6k Magic, Strength, Ranged) Quest: Death Plateau (Reward: 3k Attack + Climbing Boots, DT Req) Quest: Mountain Daughter (Reward: Bearhead, The Kendall NMZ Training Boss, 2k Pray, 1k Attack) Road to Desert Treasure Quest: Druidic Ritual Quest: Doric's Quest (Reward level 10 Mining) Quest: The Knight's Sword (Requires 10 Mining - Reward level 29 Smithing) Train: 10 Fletching Quest: Tourist Trap (Requires 10 Fletching, 20 Smithing - Reward: Using both 4.6k Lamps on Thieving gets you level 27) Train: Thieving level 27 - 30 *Optional quest The Feud you could also just grind Thieving* Quest: The Feud (Req: 30 Thieving - Reward: 15k Thieving, you should be around 37 Thieving now) Train: Thieving level 37 - 42 Quest: Temple of Ikov (Req: 42 Thieving, 40 Ranged - Reward: 10.5k Ranged, 8k Fletching) Train: 10 Herblore Quest: The Digsite (Req: 10 Herblore, 10 Agility, 25 Thieving - Reward: 15.3k Mining, 2k Herblore) Quest: Troll Stronghold (Req 15 Agility) Train: 50 Firemaking Train: 53 Thieving Quest: Desert Treasure (Req 50 Firemaking, 53 Thieving, 50 Magic, 10 Slayer - Reward: 20k Magic) DDS and D Scim Quest: Lost City (Req 31 Crafting, 36 Woodcutting - Reward: DDS and D Long) Don't finish Monkey Madness if you want to Chin your Ranged, since you can't go back to the island on a pure without ruining your defense level. Quest: Monkey Madness (Reward: D Scim) - DO NOT CLAIM XP REWARD Optional Quests Quest: Haunted Mine (Req 15 Agility, 35 Crafting - Reward: Salve Ammy, 22k Strength) Quest: Underground Pass (Req 25 Ranged, Biohazard, Plague City - Reward: Iban's Blast, great spell for lower levels) Quest: Ghosts Ahoy (Req: 20 Agility, 20 Cooking - Reward: Ectophial, 2.4k Prayer) Additional resources to use when adding up quest reqs/rewards: XP/Level Chart: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Experience Quest Skill XP Rewards: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Quest_experience_rewards I hope you guys enjoy the guide. It's meant to be done step by step for max efficiency in getting all reqs and minimal effort. From this point just AFK Strength/Ranged at Sand Crabs/NMZ and Splash Fire Strike/Fire Wave or Ice Burst! If you want low combat, try doing Pest Control and using the points on Ranged/Strength, Cannoning, or even Ranging Guild mini-game to keep your HP lower. Good luck!!! Ranged Train: Mithril Darts at Sand Crabs until 70 Train: Karils Crossbow at NMZ until 75 Train: Blowpipe/Chin until 99 Melee Train: Brine Sabre/Rune Scimitar until 50 Attack. Train: Granite Hammer until 55 Strength/60 Attack. Train: Dragon Sword/Scim or Obby Sword + Necklace until 99 Strength. Magic Train: Splash all the way to 99, or use Fire Wave/Burst to quickly get to 94/85 for Ice Barrage/Teleblock. Ancient Mace Quest Line (There are some other reqs that were all ready completed in the quests above. If you really want the Ancient Mace, you could consider fitting these quests in to get Crafting/Thieving/Firemaking xp while getting reqs for Desert Treasure/Lost City). Quest: Rune Mysteries Quest: Goblin Diplomacy Quest: The Lost Tribe Quest: Death to the Dorgeshuun (Reward: 2k Thieving + Ranged) Quest: The Giant Dwarf (Req: 12 Crafting, 16 Firemaking, 33 Magic, 14 Thieving - Reward: 2.5k Mining, Smithing, Crafting, 1.5k Magic, Thieving, Firemaking). Quest: Another Slice of H.A.M. (Req: 15 Attack, 25 Prayer - Reward: 3k Prayer, 3k Mining, Ancient Mace)
  15. Sabre Wraith

    pretty nice and you all ready got the firecape good job dude pretty nice and you all ready got the firecape good job dude