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Zulrah post BP Nerf with non max-combat account


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Hi All, 


Apologies in advanced if I posted this forum in the wrong place (it's my first time making my own post)!


I wanted to see if you guys could help me figure out how to get my first Zulrah kill under my belt, and then hopefully turn that first kill into many many more efficient kills so I can start making some GP and fill my collection log!


My current stats (RSN: BenZoNach) are:

83 Attack 

88 Strength

86 Defense

82 Range

81 Mage

87 Hitpoints

74 Prayer


I have access to decent upper midrange gear (zenyte Jewlery, blessed d-hide, and more but nothing more expensive than a few mil). I have the blowpipe and toxic trident. No t-bow or top tear armor (Bandos, Armadyl, Ancestral


I think where I'm tripping up is figuring out my switches (gear and prayers), the places to stand between phases and the timing of them both (when to start moving and when the change all the gear and prayers).


I was told that elite void might make my life easier but the defensive sats are less than impressive if I do so. (I'm camping pest control in the mean time). 


Im using the wiki for gear setups: https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Zulrah/Strategies#Magic %26 Ranged but im more concerned about the mechanics and learning what to look for and how to make the right decisions in tough situations. 


Any video suggestions or direct instructions is highly appreciated! Thank you all in advanced! 





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