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  1. Congratulations mate! Can’t believe you’ve maxed!!!! Everyone’s childhood dream
  2. So I made me and wG 2gew 1p00 some profile pictures for here and discord Let me know if you want one made I don’t mind doing it just send me the pictures you want on there with your in game name
  3. Zulrah one of those bosses that when you do enough times you just know where to stand without even thinking about it… Takes some time to get there and probably seems impossible right now But all of a sudden it will click

    [Accepted] X1 X2

    Goodluck with app brother! welcome to WG
  5. I work on a big tunnel project in England currently on the dynamic testing and commissioning phase of things
  6. Welcome to the WG family
  7. Goodluck with app bro! I got one question though what skates do you roll with?
  8. Wow nice app bro! Welcome to the WG family
  9. I’ve seen your name for ages in the cc bro! Nice to see your joining WG
  10. Nice app there bro welcome and Goodluck brother
  11. Welcome and Goodluck with your app
  12. Finally all finished with quests/diaries/music!
  13. Will be a great addition to WG Goodluck with application bud
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