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1st Sorcerer


Tell us about yourself.

Hello everyone,
I'm 25 years old meanwhile and started playing RS with 14, but I played with some longer breaks. I nearly maxed on RS3 (only Dungeoneering 120 and new skills left), but i quitted shortly after EOC, because it ruined the game in my opinion. So I just went to OSRS and my total level at the moment is like 1850. I live in Germany, near the big city Frankfurt and I love travelling in Europe and around the world. I'm working in a chemical laboratory, so my interests are science and geography.


Clan history.  

I had been in Supreme CC, but there are only less/ no players active now.



How did you hear about us? Aaight, melvin vb

Do you plan to join? I could imagine it, yes


Any last comments?  


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7 hours ago, Kanstil said:

well guys, hes friends with aaight. toss out the app.


jkjk welcome boi

 It ain’t an app don’t worry ;)           Hello and welcome 

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